Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Macoy Dubs Hosts Tuloy PH: A Community in Symphony on October 25

 By LoveYourself Communications

Online comedy star, mental health advocate, and LoveYourself volunteer Macoy Dubs is set to host Tuloy PH: A Community in Symphony, an online concert on October 25, 2020 5pm at the Flourish Circle Facebook page. This event is the culmination of the collaborative campaign among MentalHealthPH, LoveYourself, Flourish Circle, and MindGames by Claudia in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month in the Philippines.

Hindi nakasalalay sa iisang sektor lamang ang pangangalaga ng mental health. Lahat tayo ay may pwedeng gawin at dapat gawin (One sector is not solely responsible for taking care of our mental health. We all can and should do something. shared Roy Dahildahil, Co-Founder of MentalHealthPH.

Throughout the month of October, the campaign aims to build awareness and engagement around managing one’s mental wellness as well as highlight different community based mental health initiatives in the Philippines. The campaign’s digital art contest also announces its winners during the concert.

The concert will feature  community organizations that promote on mental health awareness, services, support, and rehabilitation across the country such as Silakbo PH, YMP, Talang Dalisay, and others. Influential personalities including Your Millenial Psychologist Riyan Portuguez, Claudia Barretto and policymakers will speak on the different experiences on the self and mental healthcare system.

A star studded line-up of artists will serenade us as the sun goes down. Don’t miss out on Addlib, Sasaya, Roj Cortez, Camile Ignacio, Yuki Ito, Katrina Velarde, Ebe Dancel, and many more!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Benefits of Sex Toys: 8 Reasons Why You Should Use Pleasure Toys

Did you know that you can get tons of benefits for using sex toys? It’s not only good for your mental health. It can also boost your intimacy and can put the SATISFYING in safe and satisfying sex. You can use them for solo plays or if you wanna spice up your bedroom romance with your partner.

What more can you ask for? But if you’re still unconvinced, here are some of the benefits of sex toys and why you must start using them now:

They Help You Get Sexually Satisfied

Sex toys are scientifically-designed to aid in your sexual pleasures. It is not an easy task to stimulate our minds and bodies at the same time. This is where love toys come handy. All adult toys are designed to hit the right pleasure spots in our body to reduce our ‘workload’.

They Help Men Last Longer In Bed 

For our men readers, keep in mind that sex toys are not just for women. You’re not “weak” or “less of a man” for using sexual devices for pleasure. 

There are tons of benefits of sex toys for you too, such as lasting longer in bed. Once you get the hang of love toys, you learn how to master your orgasms.  You will learn how to delay your orgasm, remain hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms. 

They Aid in Managing Sexual Dysfunctions 

Since sex toys help us in understanding our bodies even further, it helps us learn more about our pleasure points. If both men and women can learn how to make themselves climax through the use of toys while masturbating, it will give them more confidence in reaching orgasm with a partner.

They Improve Your Sex Life 

Couples can also have tons of benefits of using sex toys. With the option of pleasure devices, you can now improve your sexy times with your partner. Use it during foreplay or during the deed-- whatever works for the both of you. With an improved sex life, it will surely bring back the spark in the relationship.

They Help Alleviate Body Pain

Why reach for a painkiller when you can try having an orgasm first? Orgasms can block pain. When you reach your climax, the event releases a hormone that helps raise your pain threshold. As a result, pain magically seems to go away.

They Help Men Lower Their Risk for Prostate Cancer

One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that men who ejaculated frequently (at least 21 times a month) were less likely to get prostate cancer. Using sex toys can make things easier and faster for you guys to achieve this benefit.

They Lower Your Risk for Heart Attack

Aside from keeping your metabolism up, sex toys also help balance your estrogen and testosterone levels. You see, when either of these two is low, your risk for problems like osteoporosis and even heart disease increases. So having sex can help combat these illnesses. 

They Help You Sleep Better 

Yes, sleep is included on the benefits-of-sex-toys list. You see, love toys help us sleep better since it helps us reach our orgasm more quickly and effectively. The activity releases oxytocin, endorphins, and can help people feel calmer and less stressed. Because of this, we get to sleep quicker than ever.


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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tuloy PH Launches for Mental Health Awareness Month

By LoveYourself Communications

MentalHealthPH, LoveYourself, Flourish Circle, and MindGames launch a campaign for mental health awareness month entitled; Tuloy PH: A Community in Symphony. Throughout the month of October, the campaign aims to build awareness and engagement around managing one’s mental wellness as well as highlight different community based mental health initiatives in the Philippines.

Tuloy PH was inspired by the different ways we use the Filipino word tuloy. In difficult times, we say tuloy to encourage ourselves and others to continue living or pursuing their endeavors. We also use the word tuloy to convey a sense of welcoming hospitality wherein people feel like they belong. In the same vein, the campaign empowers the community to apply these concepts to the different aspects affecting one’s mental health - Self (Ituloy ang Buhay), Society (Tumuloy Ka: Nandito Kami), and Systems (Ipagpatuloy ang Nasimulan).

The campaign culminates in an online concert on October 25, 2020 (Sunday) 5pm featuring community organizations offering mental health services, influential personalities, and policymakers alongside inspiring and hopeful performances by local artists.