Friday, July 31, 2020

LitLove: Anniversary

by Asha

Sometime before I wake up I dream
Of listening and talking to someone who cares

Wishing for a home of understanding
Amidst the hustling of my timely world
Finding a hand to hold on

Luck seems to listen to the song
As it led me to this path of people

With the same vision of giving back 
and upholding others, 
While Loving yourself, the truest melod

By Raybert
One day, I’m lost in the wilderness of the unforgiving world.
Wandering on this jungle, I found myself running towards the forest of compassion.
On its dense woodland, I found myself dipping in a lake with passionate people.
And on that same night, I got a pack who taught me to live my life by rippling love.

By Diego

Uknowlingly I entered
Almost four years ago
A place where I learned
How to let myself go
Let myself be me
Without needing to be the best
Ultimately, it let me see
That in service I find rest
My time is well spent
With varied people
And if there's time I could have lent
I'm glad it's here, even if it's little
Discovering purpose
Finding light
While riding the night bus
Or writing for the website
I know there's more in store
We're only just beginning
Truly, I don't mind. My body sore
Because at every step, we're winning

By Vinn

remember that genuine pride
comes not from ego but from
sharing your light with the world
pursue your passions
love with an open heart
admit your mistakes with grace
find the power in humility
spill kindness onto the world
don't let forgiveness be a stranger
know that you are loved unconditionally
and never, ever dim your light so that others would shine brighter
instead share your light and magnanimity.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Bringing the Philippines Safer from HIV

By Philippine National HIV Prevention Month

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The first-ever holding of the Philippine National HIV Prevention Month (NHPM) will kick-off on Friday, July 31, 2020, bringing Filipinos safer from the virus compared to previous years.

The Philippine NHPM is set every July of every year. This initiative supports the Presidential Proclamation No. 971, which was signed last June 23, declaring the second week of July as Infection Prevention and Control Week.
This year’s NHPM theme is “SaferNow,” following the new HIV combination prevention concept, which includes innovative and effective ways to prevent HIV: condoms and lubricants, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), and antiretroviral treatment as prevention (TasP).

Given the availability of these preventive measures, the Department of Health reported that between January-March of this year, 2,818 Filipinos have been newly diagnosed with HIV. Age group 25-34 year-olds has the highest with 1,359 and followed by 15-24 year-olds with 834.

In addressing the country’s growing HIV challenge, the Philippine NHPM aims to intensify the health promotions of the HIV combination prevention methods.
This month-long celebration will highlight the HIV combination prevention methods through the “SaferNow” campaign and a series of online activities scheduled in August:
July 31 – Kick-off and Launch of the NHPM 2020 and the “SaferNow” Campaign
August 8 – Condoms and Lube Day
August 15 – PrEP and PEP Day
August 22 – Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) Day
August 29 – Culmination Activity 
The NHPM is spearheaded by the Sustainability of HIV Services for Key Populations in Asia Program and the Champion Community Centers network and is supported by UNAIDS Philippines, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, APCOM, and LoveYourself, Inc. 

Also, community-based organizations around the country, catering to HIV-related services, will conduct parallel activities to support this national event.

For more details, follow the Philippine NHPM on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @HIVPrevMonthPH.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Just Wandaring: Reasons Why We Volunteer with Francis Dacanay

By LoveYourself Communications

LoveYourself celebrates its 9th anniversary this July. Truly, a lot has changed since its inception, with over 1,200 volunteers strong, and seven community centers nationwide. Volunteers are indeed the lifeblood of the organization, with their dedicated service and . The Wandaring Trio asked fellow volunteers on Facebook on what their top reasons why they stay active with LoveYourself. Special guest, Francis Dacanay joined the trio in sharing their sentiments for the organization. All of that while we guess what could be in Miss Wanda's mystery box tonight.

Having a Sense of Purpose
Being in the HIV advocacy, there is something special when it comes to making positive change in the community without expecting anything back. It's the heart to help, our altruistic practice that makes us feel connected with our humanity. In some respects, our journey as LoveYourself volunteers has enriched our lives with and undoubted sense of purpose.

Building Connections
With over 1,200 volunteers nationdwide, there is bound to find someone you can connect and relate with. Coming from different backgrounds, there is someone who you can call a friend and/or mentor in our shared values for the HIV advocacy.

Having a Safe Space
LoveYourself doesn't only build safe spaces for their clients, nor are our safe spaces only for free condoms and lubricants. As a sex positive and affirming organization, LoveYourself volunteers are there for each other, so whether you're nervous about your first time visiting a center or attending an event, you can trust that you'll feel the warmth of the community LoveYourself has built.

Learning and Sharing of Knowledge
There is a bounty of different opportunities in LoveYourself. In our volunteer journey of responding to the needs of the community's sexual health, we get to learn and share our best practices and experience in approaching certain situations. Whether that be in handling clients, decking, designing a campaign, or leading an event, there are over 1,200 fellow volunteers who you can pull from.

Honing my Skills and Talents
As volunteers, we get to discover and develop skills that we don't get to do when we're working at our day jobs, or studying in class. By volunteering, we open ourselves to practicing skills and talents we've kept tucked away.

There's definitely a lot to look forward to when the pandemic is over. If you missed this episode of Just Wandaring, you can watch it again on Youtube at LoveYourselfTV. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the notification bell so you won't miss a beat of Just Wandaring. Live every Friday at 8pm PH time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Being PrePPY in the New Normal

By Jason Celeste

The implementation of community quarantine all throughout Luzon and some other provinces in the country in March, not only limited our personal movement. It has also affected our access to basic health care services. But there’s no need to worry about your sexual health because LoveYourself is committed to ensuring continuity in your safer and satisfying sexual lifestyle.

PrEP Pilipinas, provides access to PreExposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) which was officially launched in 2019 at various community centers and clinics. With LoveYourself’s brand of service and patient care, you can set an appointment in available LoveYourself’s community centers. If you reside in Metro Manila you can opt to enroll in LoveYourself Anglo in Mandaluyong, LoveYourself Welcome in Manila, Victoria by LoveYourself in Pasay City. You can also book an appointment in LoveYourself White House in Cebu City. For Cainta Rizal and nearby residents, we have partnered with MediPrime and if any of the above locations is not accessible for you, Hi-Precision Diagnostics may just have a branch near you for you to do your preparatory tests, afterwhich PrEP can be delivered right to your doorstep care of LoveYourself.

Some of you might say, OK it's accessible but is it affordable? Enrollment in LoveYourself clinics is only P2,000.00. This fee covers diagnostic screening, doctor’s professional fee and a bottle of PrEP, succeeding refills are priced at P1,500 per bottle, same as your monthly broadband subscription. For Hi-Precision, the total cost of enrollment is P3,015.00 which includes necessary tests and delivery cost.  Follow ups will cost P1,500.00 per bottle.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and set an appointment with us, click this link Let us help you take care of your sexual health. Because you deserve self-care.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Just Wandaring: Top 5 Turn Ons with Jhoseph Llorente

By LoveYourself Communications

When we meet a potential partner, there's something about them that allures us. We may not notice it at first, but there's definitely something different about that special someone. The Wandaring Trio asked its viewers on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter on what their top 5 turn ons were when it comes to their partner. What could be in Miss Wanda's mystery box tonight? What did cutiepie Jhospeh Llorente do for the naughty challenge? Find out below!

Top 5: Great Smile
There's nothing really more inviting than a friendly smile - especially when the reason behind that smile is you! Whether they're smiling from ear to ear or trying to hide their teeth, a genuine smile goes a long way, and you'll be going out of your way not just to see that wonderful smile on their face, but to make them happy - forever hopefully - as well.

Top 4: Kind and Compassionate
How a person treats other people is an important measure of character in a potential partner. When someone is genuine, supportive, and empathic, you know you're in good hands. It's a good sign that the both of you can be there for each other, and won't put the other down.

Top 3: Smart/Intelligent
When meeting a potential partner, a part of us grows as the relationship develops. Part of it is the sharing of knowledge, leading you to a world you haven't thought much about before. With every word they lay down, you feel so enamored by the wonder of something new.

Top 2: Good Sense of Humor/Funny
There's nothing like a stick in the mud that kills a mood when you're trying to have fun with a potential partner. When your partner has a good sense of humor, you just know that you'll be having a blast whenever you're together. From quick wit, corny dad jokes, to charismatic deliveries, there's a bunch of different ways a person can be funny, It'll depend on how you respond to it.

Top 1: Deep Conversation
A good conversationalist takes the number one spot for our viewers' greatest turn ons in a potential partner. For those who don't wear their heart on their sleeve, it makes such an impact when someone can penetrate through our walls with the art of conversation. When someone is able to be a beacon of comfort amid vulnerability, there's nothing more you can ask for. You're in it for the long run.

There's definitely a lot to look forward to when the pandemic is over. If you missed this episode of Just Wandaring, you can watch it again on Youtube at LoveYourselfTV. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the notification bell so you won't miss a beat of Just Wandaring. Live every Friday at 8pm PH time.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

iCON: The Doctor is always IN!

By Ronald Bugarin

In these changing times, medical consultations are more critical than ever. When mobility is limited, you’re far away, or when you just can’t fit a doctor’s appointment with your busy schedule, LoveYourself has come up with an innovative service. Interactive Consultation (iCON) lets clients enrolled for HIV treatment in our community centers consult with their treatment doctor right at the comforts of their home.

To avail of this service, clients can sign-up via the iCON sign-up link or through the Booking site by clicking their preferred treatment doctor, date and time of consultation.  Other personal information shall be required as well as a self assessment if client is possibly exposed to COVID before appointment can be booked.

Treatment staff of our community centers shall then reach out to the client with a phone call on their appointment date and time to confirm their request for doctor's consultation as well as the mode of online consultation (e.g. via Facebook Messenger, Viber, Zoom, etc.) to be used.   The Treatment doctor will get in touch with the client through their preferred mode for the online consultation. All discussions with the treatment doctor via iCON are kept confidential and all data received are private and secured.

Getting a doctor's consultation is as easy as ever with just one click through iCON.  So what are you waiting for, book your appointment today!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Just Wandaring: Top 5 Places for First Dates with AJ Barcena

By LoveYourself Communications

In a time where we need to maintain physical distance, we can feel a longing to have an intimate date with someone special. While we do our part in flattening the curve, the Wandaring Trio reminisce to the time when we can plan a date and get to know our maybe future partner. What could be in Miss Wanda's mystery box tonight? What did special guest AJ Barcena do for the naughty challenge? Find out below!

Top 5: Weekend Market
Amid a busy work week, sometimes weekends are the only times when we can spend some quality time with a person that has peeked our interest. With the variety of food and drink options available, you won't have a problem with choosing a particular kind of cuisine! You can have fun look at the different stalls and get to know them through their relationship with different food - and maybe snag a relationship with them after! Though seating can be hard to find.

Top 4: Museum
Ever since the National Museum opened free entrance to its collections of art, natural history, and anthropology, museum dates have been grown quite popular. There's something enamoring whenever a person can talk with such passion and insight about the things they see in front of them. May it be a portrait, a fossil, or an artifact, it's always interesting to see how your date takes things in, and form opinions.

Top 3: Coffee Shop
When you're unsure about a guy, a quick meet up at a coffee shop can be a good start for a first date. When the two of you finish your drink, and feel a little off by your date, you can easily get out of it, or if you find yourselves enjoying, you can move onto other activities. Coffee, tea? Or maybe they'll choose me!

Top 2: At Home!
If you're living alone, and your date is nearby, why not ask him over and talk? Inviting someone over can be a good option when you want to be in control of a situation, or are a little conscious about going out for a date. If you're comfortable, you can certainly make them feel comfortable in creative ways! Maybe you can even impress them with your cooking. After all, a way to a person's heart can be through their stomach!

Top 1: Theater/Cinema
Now that we're spending more time in our homes, we spend a lot of time streaming content with our various subscriptions. Though convenient, there's something about going to the theater or cinema to catch a showing of the latest offerings of the creative minds of the world. When both of you share the anticipation to watch the show, you've definitely caught a good one there. 

There's definitely a lot to look forward to when the pandemic is over. If you missed this episode of Just Wandaring, you can watch it again on Youtube at LoveYourselfTV. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the notification bell so you won't miss a beat of Just Wandaring. Live every Friday at 8pm PH time.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Just Wandaring: Favorite Adult Toys with Manuel Schuster

By Tino Largado

Our Wandaring Trio turned the kink meter three notches up as Mikoy, Makoy, and Miss Wanda talked about the love for love toys! We know our favorite teasing triad are more than game with just about anything, and game they indeed were in asking and exploring questions and tips on how to purchase and maximize different sexual gadgets and other pleasure props to seduce and spice up the sex with a partner, or even just to satisfy one’s sensual urge. Joining in on the fun is Lauvette co-founder Manuel Schuster and a revealing the most common or favorite types of love toys in an erotic and educational show-and-tell.

Item 1: Fleshlights and Masturbators
Every master, er, batur must have a handy tool to help “spank the monkey”, in case the hands have simply gone boring and the monkey wants more. Compact designs can be easily packed for travel, but if you’re willing to go with something that’s a little bulky, you surely wouldn’t mind one that even moans in pleasure in every slide, do you? 

Item 2: Vibrators
If Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch spoke to you in a certain way, the sweet sensation of that good vibration is what you’re after. Thankfully, Manuel and Lauvette understand and willfully deliver (literally, within 5 business days) your preferred vibrator. From veiny and life-like, to durable and waterproof, the choice for a shaking shaft is yours to make.

Item 3: Prostate Massager
These toys just put the “pro” in prostate glands, as in that part built-in for maximum male pleasure, with the right stimulation, of course. If you’re yet to explore the sensation (not to mention the health benefits) of massaging the prostate, this one is what you should definitely add to cart.

Item 4: Anal Toys
Anal toys take sex to a hole whole other level of a pleasurable and satisfying experience, and that is why they come in different shapes and forms, and have transformed in looks over time. Plain butt plugs now come in sexy fox and bunny tails, while anal beads now look like curvy hearts and smoother balls. They even come in bling or remote control-operated, for easier use.

Item 5:Clit and Vaginal Toys
Loving her means finding ways to give her more satisfaction where it matters. Clit massagers and eggs would definitely help you get “there.” With shapes and concentrated vibrations designed to fit the lady parts, every lover surely won’t go wrong with using these toys. Forget remote controls–this one even operates with the help of a mobile app!

This playfully refreshing discussion surely hits the spot when it comes to promoting sex positivity and sexual health. If you missed it, watch the video above and catch what Miss Wanda kept in her mystery box, what other “sneak peek” Manuel gave, and more! Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the notification bell so you won't miss an episode of Just Wandaring live every Friday at 8 pm!

Monday, July 06, 2020

The Universe Speaks: The Pride in Our Millennials with Catriona Gray

By LoveYourself Communications

What a June it has been. Pride Month certainly went by so fast, but the celebration doesn't stop just yet. On June 30, 2020, Miss Universe 2018 and community ally Catriona Gray hosts a special episode of The Universe Speaks featuring sensational guests including Gretchen Ho, Nicole Cordovez, Zephanie, and many more!

Naniniwala akong hindi ako nag-iisa sa karanasang ito. Lahat tayo, ano man ang pinagdaanan natin ay may matatanggap sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay. - Catriona Gray

Catriona shared her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and how the act of giving has been a way for her to not only mediate the healing of others, but herself as well. She reflects on how we find meaning in life when our individual pursuits intersects with the needs of others. She further on exclaims that we need to continuously close the gap between ourselves and the "othering" of people different from us so we can become a united community.

Following Zephanie's outstanding performance of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's Rain on Me, Catriona introduces how important living one's truth is as a community of LGBTQIA people and as an ally. She's later on joined by fellow allies, Dr. KC Halili, Masanori Takamoto, and Nicole Cordovez to discuss how fighting for equal rights does not only include people directly affected by the movement, but includes the people who share their values.

After a heartwarming message from our amazing drag performers, Catriona talks with the community on what Pride means to them. Together with Vinas Deluxe, Macoy Arevilla, AJ Dela Paz, and Rod Marmol, they discuss how they use their influence outside of the  community to continually advocate for different LGBTQIA issues.

Catriona later discusses how leadership is important in mobilizing the country to be more accepting and safe for its LGBTQIA citizens. Young bright minds Carl Uba, Riyan Portuguez, and Gretchen Ho share their experiences in creating organized positive change in their individual fields and communities.

Finally, LoveYourself Executive Director Ronivin Pagtakhan joins Catriona in talking about the HIV advocacy in the context of the pandemic.

Want to know more how our millennials join together to fight for a safer and more accpeting country? Watch the video above, and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to LoveYourselfTV. Hit the notification bell so you won't miss an episode of The Universe Speaks!

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Usapang ATBPride: Intersex, Asexual, Queer, and Non-Binary

By Tino Largado

We reach the home stretch of this year’s Pride Month, but LoveYourself’s Usapang ATBPride just won’t leave anyone behind, making sure each color of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally, and more (LGBTQIA+) rainbow shines vibrant. The last two installments of the virtual discussion highlighted the community’s queer and non-gender conforming individuals, as well the intersexuals and asexuals.

“The Queer and I” is the penultimate Usapang ATBPride episode which aired on June 23rd, 2020, hosted by Joma Ragrario. Artist and writer Henrie Diosa, artist, writer, DAKILA Partnerships Manager Floyd Tiogangco, and TV and movie creative manager and head writer Jay Fernando readily answered questions about what it means and how it feels to be breaking the confines of binary gender. They also shared experiences about work, dating, and social relationships and how being queer or non-binary enjoys the freeing sense of fluidity, but may also present challenges especially to people who may not be as informed or open-minded.

The virtual talk series ended with the June 25th, 2020 episode entitled “The Best of Both Worlds.” Guests Gabriel Hopkins, an Arizona-based debate speaker, writer, and global change advocate, and Jeff Cagandahan, a former educator whose landmark Supreme Court win made him the first intersex individual allowed to change his gender marker, joined host Asha Gutierrez in discussing crucial topics affecting asexual and intersex people. They walked the viewers through their journeys of discovery and acceptance. Particularly, Gabriel shared how he carefully explained his sexuality to family members and friends, and while Jeff emphasized the factors for him to decide that legal actions must be done to serve not only himself, but other intersex individuals who, until winning the case in 2008, seem invisible in the country.

Both episodes highlighted the innate defiance of every individual, and how one must not be limited to standards the society has set. Mirroring the previous week’s theme, it is important that we assert our own identity, and this week’s discussions further stressed the importance of visibility, acknowledging that while each person is different, and we vary in terms of knowledge and awareness, the bottomline of respect and love fills these gaps and helps embrace the diversity.

LoveYourself is grateful to everyone who made Usapang ATBPride possible, most especially the support of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, Pilipinas Shell Foundtion, Inc., PhilHealth, Macare, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Cove Manila, Camber - a subsidiary of Hetero, Frontrow Cares, Victoria Court, and Lauvette. All six episodes of Usapang ATBPride are available on LoveYourselfTV. Catch them and all other fabulous content, and don’t forget to subscribe!