Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Batch Duque, LoveYourself’s 18th batch, completes the nostalgic series of the organization’s heritage

By Mark Angello C. Ganon

September 30, 2017 – Fresh faces once again dotted the People’s Hall of SM Aura Premier with the orientation of Batch Duque, LoveYourself’s 3rd set of volunteers for 2017.

JM Maynes, Love U (the corporate university of LoveYourself) admin, oversaw the batch orientation of 45 promising individuals who underwent and passed a selective recruitment process. The whole-day affair centered on the essence of volunteerism in the organization’s HIV awareness and prevention advocacy.
Batch Duque, 45 new and promising LoveYourself volunteers

In 2016, LoveYourself’s triad of volunteer batches highlighted the country’s three main islands as a sign of patriotism (Magayon for Luzon, Kinaadman for Visayas, and Bahandi for Mindanao). This 2017, the inspiration for the names and logos of the three batches of recruits are the iconic architectural structures significant to the organization. They were the hubs and halls that were witnesses to the growth of LoveYourself as a family, both in bond and advocacy.

The nostalgic series kicked off with Batch Guinto, reminiscent of LoveYourself Hub, the 1st LoveYourself clinic situated at Leon Guinto St. from July 2012 to January 2015. The clinic was then relocated in December that same year along the street of San Marcelino in Manila, which became the namesake of this year’s 2nd batch, Marcelino.

Like its two predecessors, Batch Duque got its name from a location where most of the events of LoveYourself occurred, Duque Hall at the DOH – San Lazaro compound in Tayuman, Manila. It is within its walls that the first meetings and general assemblies were held. It was witness to the early days of LoveYourself that evolved around the sharing of ideas, kindling of similar passions, and unfolding of dreams. Most importantly, it was where new blood was welcomed from the first batch (Originals) up until Batch Hiraya in 2015. If only walls could talk, the Duque Hall would definitely recount how LoveYourself has been and what it aspires to be: a home where, once visited, judgment is dusted off at the doormat and hope is served for snacks.
The batch Duque logo pays tribute of the Duque Hall at the DOH – San Lazaro compound at Tayuman, Manila
The logo, created by Geno Maglinao and Mark Long of LoveYourself's Communications Committee, draws inspiration from the weekly illustrated atlas of the “Windows of New York” project. Set in a green backdrop, the logo depicts the Duque Hall as more than just walls and pillars; it was a home to the starting years of the organization. Geno, head of creatives, fondly stated that the nostalgic series of logos for 2017 gets completed with the orientation of Batch Duque.

Vinn Pagtakhan, LoveYourself founder, welcomes Batch Duque at the People’s Hall of the SM Aura Premier
Batch Duque pushes LoveYourself’s population to nearly 900 individuals. But it’s not just the number of volunteers that is growing. LoveYourself’s relationship with its various partners is also thriving. With aid from Test MNL, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, ISEAN HIVOS, RITM-DOH, and the Taguig City Government, LoveYourself continues to be a champion of HIV awareness and prevention amidst increase in the number of new cases. It continues to be a rallying point for the advocacy, where volunteers, new and old alike, strive to serve their best in its HIV testing clinics (LoveYourself Anglo at Shaw, LoveYourself Uni at Taft and our first transgender clinic, LoveYourself Victoria). And it continues to channel its efforts to innovative projects and endeavors (like PrEP in the Philippines and the first ever Love Gala).

*Photos courtesy of Geno Maglinao and Leo Pura