Monday, November 07, 2016

LoveYourself Incognito 2.0, Fast and Confidential Screening, Set on November 27

LoveYourself Incognito, the country's first community-based HIV screening for men that asks for no names, uses no forms, and is highly confidential, is once again set for a comeback as Incognito 2.0 on November 27, Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Victoria Court Malate.

LoveYourself first held Incognito last May 29, and it turned out to be the the most trusted screening event of its kind by the HIV awareness advocacy organization, recording a total of 1,300 sign-ups and 300 clients screened.

Incognito, with its strictly confidential and quick screening process, is part of LoveYourself's efforts to reach out to the key-affected population that still suffers from the stigma of getting themselves tested for HIV - because they do not want their identities exposed. The process is patterned after similar successful screenings in Thailand and the United States.

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LoveYourself assures that even with a quicker screening process, Incognito will give out results that are as reliable as past whole-day testing events since the same rapid test kits in LoveYourself clinics will be used. The 3rd generation rapid test has 100% accuracy for non-reactive clients.  

No names need to be given and no forms need to be signed for the screening. Clients will only provide a Unique Identifier Code (UIC) and contact information when registering. Only when a client gets a reactive result in the rapid test will his full information be required for the Paperless Personal Information Sheet (DOH-NEC form). This is necessary to confirm the client's status and so that he can be referred to treatment facilities.

In addition, clients will only need to wait for 15-20 minutes after blood extraction to get their results - that is if their result is non-reactive. Like mentioned earlier, when a client does not get a non-reactive result during the screening process, he will have to undergo the normal HIV testing process for confirmation, which could take two hours.

During the waiting period, clients will be briefed about the screening process and HIV information materials will be distributed. Snacks will also be served.

In summary, there are three steps that one must remember in getting tested at LoveYourself’s Incognito 2.0 mass testing event:

1.     Be Anonymous: Upon your arrival at Victoria Court Malate, you will get a number and unique identifier code.
2.     Take the Test: you will undergo a rapid screening with blood extracted by a simple prick on your finger using disposable one-time-use sanitary needles.
3.     Have the Results: while waiting for the results, your counsellor will discuss with you safer sex practices to lower your risk of HIV infection and your results. It only takes 15 minutes to know the results after blood extraction.

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