Wednesday, October 19, 2016

LoveYourself and media partner MovePH win the Boomerang Awards for Digital Campaign

MovePH, news website Rappler’s citizen journalism arm, along with advertising agencies Dentsu JaymeSyfu, and HIV advocacy NGO LoveYourself,  won the bronze Boomerang Awards for its StayNegatHIVe campaign at the Philippine International Convention Center last October 12. The Boomerang Awards is considered as the “Oscars” of advertising in the Philippines and since 2008 has awarded outstanding campaigns and programs that “exemplified marketing effectiveness” with the likes of Oishi Prawn Crackers and ABS-CBN’s PasaHero mobile app.

MovePH’s StayNegatHIVe campaign consisted of features and materials both from Rappler and from organizations like LoveYourself, aiming to spread awareness about the HIV crisis, calling out people to have themselves tested at centers like LoveYourself’s clinics and share posts and using the #StayNegatHIVe hashtag.

The campaign was initiated by MovePH as a response to the alarming rise of HIV cases in the Philippines. The country has the highest growth rate in the number of HIV cases, with around 25 people getting infected everyday, according to the Department of Health’s Epidemiology Bureau. At the same time, MovePH, in its nationwide series of workshops, have sensed the overarching concern among citizen journalists and advocates regarding the growing number of people living with HIV (PLHIVs) in the Philippines who “seldom undergo the right treatment in their areas.”

The digital campaign resulted in a 60% increase in the number of people availing the free testing services of LoveYourself. Despite its relative success, the true extent of the crisis is yet to be unravelled in the Philippines with a lot of areas of the population not being reached out by advocacy groups and awareness campaigns. It is from this perspective that LoveYourself volunteer Paul Junio, who works for the organizations Communications team, explains, “the need to keep on coming up with campaigns like StayNegatHIVe is definitely a must, and that is what our team is always working hard on.”