Friday, August 05, 2016

LoveYourself Holds Iconic "Wear Love" 2016 Campaign as #OneLove

HIV/AIDS advocacy group LoveYourself will once hold its annual advocacy campaign called “Wear Love” featuring the iconic LoveYourself shirts which have been worn by numerous personalities, as well as LoveYourself volunteers, who in turn may have their photos taken. The resulting collection of photos reflects the organization’s vision of bringing together people from different walks of life for one cause: HIV/AIDS awareness advocacy through self-worth.

Proceeds from sales of the shirts and the photo shoots have been used for funding the organization’s activities. More than the spirit of unity, LoveYourself’s name itself sends the message emphasizing the importance of self-worth and loving oneself. In fact, the triangle of self-care which LoveYourself counselors keep on tirelessly imparting to both clients and fellow volunteers, speaks of caring for oneself through timely testing and treatment, safe and satisfying sex, and correct and consistent use of condoms.

From “Wear Love” to “One Love”

LoveYourself has seen itself grow from a small organization of less than ten founding volunteers to one with over 700 hundred registered volunteers. The organization has, at the beginning of 2016, opened a new clinic called LoveYourself Uni near the junction of Buendia and Taft Avenue in Pasay City. The bright and perky interiors of the clinic are part of the organization’s vision of providing a worry-free environment where clients can feel at home.The strategic location of the clinic also aims to make testing and counselling accessible to students from nearby universities.

LoveYourself has also started rolling out the NEX+ CHAP+ER program, which is the organization’s life coaching service for people living with HIV (PLHIVs). The program aims to encourage PLHIVs to continue receiving treatment and also to provide a safe space for clients to talk about their experiences and problems and help them find ways to solve these issues. More than this, LoveYourself is setting up plans for distribution and promotion of PreP or pre-exposure prophylaxis, as one method of HIV/AIDS prevention.

As this year has been marked by a lot of changes and new endeavors, LoveYourself has decided to modify this year’s “Wear Love” campaign to “One Love” (#OneLove). Similar to the message of unity delivered by previous “Wear Love” campaigns, “One Love” underscores this more heavily through its self-evident name as well as its campaign methodology. Firstly, the black shirts have been replaced with white shirts, with the usual LoveYourself logo printed across the chest. The campaign will have an additional twist, cleverly highlighting the importance of self-worth by juxtaposing loving things one is passionate about with loving oneself.

The campaign’s emphasis on unity has never been more timely as the organization’s membership base has never been larger than before. With hundreds of volunteers with diverse backgrounds, “One Love” reflects the congealment of unique individuals’ efforts, volunteers or non-volunteers, towards the organization’s causes--HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, regular testing, and self-worth.

#OneLove Photoshoot

The #OneLove photoshoot is scheduled on August 20 and 21, 2016, at the DHQ Studios located at the second floor of the Alphaland Makati Place at the corner of Ayala Avenue Extension and Malugay Street in Makati City. A donation of 1,000PHP will include a #OneLove LoveYourself tee that will be worn during the shoot, hair styling (excluding grooming and cutting), and two digital copies of your photos to be sent to your email. To register for the event and for more details, please proceed to