Friday, June 03, 2016

Visual Artist Junjun Sta. Ana's Works To be Featured in LoveYourself's Pride Night 2016

By Kris Tangco

Jun-jun Sta. Ana, visual artist who describes his works as “instinctive”, utilizes everyday objects as tools for expression. Hailing from a family of dentists, Junjun despised school and started his career in the arts as a window dresser.

He honed his skills and artistry with one of the early release fine digital cameras back in the early 2000’s, experimenting with digital manipulation to come up with surprisingly different results.  exhibit in 2013 at the Nova Gallery in Makati City showcases 125 photographic prints using an iPhone4. The exhibit shows different views of the city of Chicago, including a portraits of men seen from social networking sites such as Grindr.

Photos taken from

“The work I do is instinctive, using a lot of found materials.” said Jun-jun.

Jose Ardivilla of The Standard describes Junjun’s photography as the antithesis of the narcissism associated with selfies and the glamour of glitzy landmarks, and instead offers the viewer an introspective journey by highlighting the unwanted and ignored, the blending of the pensive onlooker with the details of the surrounding environment.

For a few moments, get lost in the world of Junjun Sta. Ana’s art which will be exhibited at LoveYourself’s Pride Night 2016 on June 11 at the Pineapple Lab in Makati City. Get your free tickets to the event by registering  at