Sunday, June 05, 2016

Surrealism On Display at LoveYourself's Pride Night 2016 with Derick Vinculado's Works

By Kris Tangco

Derick Vinculado’s works transport the viewer into a surreal world filled with archetypal motifs from popular reality, while a sense of darkness and strangeness is conjured at the same time. Motifs from everyday life and from human consciousness such as empty arcades, towers, pyramids, and iconic landmarks are used by the young artist to create images of desolation and “emptiness”. With elements of pop surrealism, Derick’s works evoke strangeness in the familiar. A product of the illustrious Fine Arts Program of the University of the Philippines, some of Derick’s works will be included in LoveYourself’s celebration of LGBT Pride month. The dashing artist manages to give a quick interview with LoveYourself’s Editorial Team.

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Please describe your art in 1 to 3 sentences.

My work of art is a reflection of this generation in a way that you can’t tell if it’s Asian, European, or American Art. Art in the present era has evolved so much because of the influence of technology, which has helped open doors for innovation and conceptualization. My art has always been subjective and personal, and i think that should always be the case.

What is the role of your art in empowering LGBT?

Making art has been empowering for all the artists whom I have known in my lifetime. I guess for me, doing what I love, loving my identity and having a passion for it is empowering for everyone.

What can people expect from you when they attend Pride Night?

They can expect my art to be playful and open to interpretation, innocent and surreal.
Experience the strangeness in the familiar and open your imagination to the magic of surrealism with Derick Vinculado’s works which will be exhibited at LoveYourself’s Pride Night 2016 on June 11 at the Pineapple Lab. Register now at