Friday, June 03, 2016

Philippe "Phi" Salvador Palmos of Rak of Aegis set to perform at Pride Night 2016

By Jean Natividad

Theater actor, writer, singer, and gay rights advocate Philippe "Phi" Salvador Palmos will be joining the stellar lineup of artists for Pride Night 2016.
Phi Palmos as Jewel in Rak of Aegis
Palmos, who plays the role of Jewel in the hit musical Rak of Aegis, is set to perform that night in celebration of Pinoy and LGBT pride.

Phi Palmos in Mabining Mandirigma
The multi-talented performer also co-wrote the gay comedy film Slumber Party and has acted in several theater productions including Mabining Mandirigma and Ibalong.

Phi Palmos in Ibalong (Photo by Jojit Lorenzo)
Get to know the artist more through our Q&A with him below.

Describe your art in three sentences or less.
It is a mix of art and advocacy. Entertainment and awareness. Rage and rave.

What is the role of your art in empowering LGBT?
I can't say that my art has impacted so much for the plight of LGBT. For me, the visibility of people like me making, providing, collaborating to make art is one that I hope will empower other LGBT. That not only does their life matter, more so, what they want to contribute and say to the world matters too.

What can people expect from you when they attend Pride Night?
That they will be mesmerized with my voice, I hope! Hahahaha. If not for my voice, then, I hope they be mesmerized by the message of the song. That they get empowered by merely being there, celebrating with us. Celebrating our Pride.

Catch Philippe "Phi" Salvador Palmos' performance at Pride Night 2016 on June 11 at Pineapple Lab in Makati City. Click here for more details and visit to register.