Friday, June 10, 2016

DJ Group Panty Monsters Liberates The Beautiful Beast In You at Pride Night 2016

When you step onto a dance floor, you let loose all inhibitions, and for Panty Monsters, it should also mean a release from inequality and discrimination.

Self-hate and pretention are thrown out the window when you dance to a Panty Monsters set, as members of the "unapologetically insane" DJ group make you feel real good about yourself with their entrancing pop beats.

"At a Panty Monsters' party, you are encouraged to be whoever & whatever the fuck you want to be. No T, No Shade," says Darryl Recina, the manager of Panty Monsters, which was formed more than eight years ago.

DJ Mike Lavet

DJ Queen Bridgette Olga 

DJ Peanut Butter & Jelly

DJ Mike Lavet, DJ Queen Bridgette Olga and DJ Peanut Butter & Jelly from Panty Monsters will be liberating party goers at Pride Night 2016 on June 11, 2016 at Pineapple Lab, Makati, and we get a little teaser on how they will make the night a fabulously beastly one.

What is your role, if any, in empowering LGBT?
This group started as an answer to discrimination against the LGBT, the weirdos, the freaks - the deviant. Kami lang ang grupo ng musikero na walang pakialam sa party goers, naka panty ka man o hindi, (We are the only group of musicians that do not care about the appearance of party goers, whether you're wearing a panty or not), whether your cock is tucked or not, we care more about our wigs like your momma does.

What can people expect from your set on Pride Night 2016?
Our selves and our music are both a paradox—pop that can’t be played for everyone; diamonds that are less De Beers and more Bejewelled; synthesizers that wants to play a different game. We’re elegance through the lens of an SM Advantage card. Every Panty Monsters party is a celebration of individuality.

Unleash the beautiful beast in you by dancing to a Panty Monsters set this Saturday. Register now at for free tickets to Pride Night 2016.