Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Up-and-coming Artist Josh Galvez's Illustrations On Display at LoveYourself Pride Night 2016

By Kris Tangco

Art director and digital illustrator Josh Galvez spends much of her time working in an ad agency and at the same time creating art, but she also dazzles the 11,000 fans on her YouTube channel Artpalette with digital painting videos. In 2013, Josh Galvez was one-half of a pair that represented the Philippines in the Young Designs Lions category at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a prestigious creative communications summit held in Cannes, France.

Josh also maintains an online exhibit featuring her works, which mainly are illustrations, and digital art. Her works will be featured at LoveYourself’s Pride Night 2016, much of which revolves around the theme of apparent normalcy.

(Photos provided by Josh Galvez)

“A lot of us have issues we keep buried deep in ourselves even though we pretend we are fine and dandy on the outside. Inside we're already drowning and that we have no choice but to keep afloat no matter what happens. We also have to realize that these issues may not get fixed overnight but how we live our lives is in our hands, not society's”, shares the young artist.

Get a glimpse of Josh Galvez’s experiential creations at LoveYourself’s Pride Night which will be held on June 11 at Pineapple Lab. Get your tickets and register now at go.loveyourself.ph/pridenight.