Thursday, March 24, 2016

LoveYourself Successfully Holds The Much Awaited Cherry Poppin' The Second Comin'

The much awaited Cherry Poppin’ The Second Comin’ took place last March 19, 2016, Saturday at the Century City Mall Events Center in Makati. The event is a collaboration by HIV testing and awareness group LoveYourself and the LGBT DJ collective Kosmos. Partygoers flocked to the event and danced the night away to the hip music of upcoming class act, Dutch DJ and music producer Garuda, one of the top DJ's in the Philippines, Deuce, and in-house Kosmos DJ's Mike Lavet, Kazwal, and Deej Diaz.

Highlights of the evening included the auction and fashion show. The date auction involved interested partygoers bidding for eligible bachelors of their choice, with the proceeds of their bids to be used for funding the organization’s activities. In return, various prizes including dinner dates, spa, accommodation, and travel packages with the auctioned bachelor await the winning bidders. In addition to the auction, a fashion show was held showcasing the creations of Outkast Paradigm. The bachelors to be auctioned, including models who are actually participants of the upcoming Mister United Continents 2016 pageant.

On the eve of the event, a Twitter Party was hosted online by LoveYourself volunteers with the participation of the auctionees. A lot of followers asked intimate, if not revealing, questions to the eligible bachelors. The Twitter Party proved to be a useful means of enticing people to participate in the much awaited event.

Compared to last year’s Cherry Poppin’, the bids generated by The Second Comin’ were far higher. Bidders actually raised their bids greater than 70,000PHP for just one bachelor alone, much to the amazement of the other guests. All in all, a net profit of 140,000PHP was generated from ticket proceeds and bid amounts. More than 400 guests, volunteers, and event participants joined what proved to be LoveYourself’s biggest and wildest fundraiser yet. 

LoveYourself extends its utmost thanks to those who donated through ticket purchases and the winning bidders who all helped in making Cherry Poppin’ The Second Comin’ an outstanding success. For more information about LoveYourself and for those who wish to be updated of the organizations’ activities, please follow our page on Facebook page and regularly check out our website.

LoveYourself would also like to extend our appreciation to Hornet Gay Social Network, the most popular dating app for gay men in the Philippines, in spreading the words about our event. With the recent establishment of Health Innovation Group, Hornet has been proactively working with community organizations to improve the health and human rights of LGBTI community worldwide.