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Trick or Treat: The No-Scare Guide to Knowing If It's HIV

By: Shey Homol

It’s Halloween—the fright-fest movies are playing nonstop on HBO and the kids went all out again in their nastiest, goriest, or Disney-princess-inspired costumes.

And yet what really scares you are not those things that go bump in the night… what’s been freaking you out are the sore bumps in your genitalia.

You immediately think it’s HIV. You reckon you got it from sharing utensils with a friend who’s living with HIV.

So even before Freddy Krueger could utter “nightmare,” you went ahead and bought a bagful of over-the-counter antibiotics that you’re certain would cure you.

If you’ve been in this situation or a similar circumstance, don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has been misinformed.

LoveYourself has always received queries online and even from walk-in clients about their supposed symptoms of HIV.

And before, HEAVENS FORBID, you experience any nasty side effect from self-medication, let this version of “Trick or Treat” inform you more on HIV.

“I’ve had multiple partners in the past. I probably have HIV now.”

TRICK. Having multiple partners does not instantly result in getting HIV. If you’ve been practicing safer sex by using condoms during the act, this potentially lowers your chances of getting infected.

TREAT.  You can only know your status by undergoing HIV screening. LoveYourself offers free HIV screening.

“I’ve had sex last night with someone who seems to be living with HIV. I’m running a high fever this morning. This must be HIV.”

TRICK. There’s a 3-6 month window period before the HIV antibodies can be accurately detected in a screening. This does not mean though that you’re not yet infected with HIV. A person living with HIV can also feel and look completely healthy for many years but this person may also be transmitting the virus.

TREAT: Practice TSC or the Triangle of Self-Care:
T: Timely Testing and Treatment
S: Safe and Satisfying Sex
C: Correct and Consistent Use of Condoms with Water-Based Lubricant

“I visited a friend who’s living with HIV. A mosquito bit me while I was in the area. I may be infected with HIV if that mosquito also bit my friend.”

TRICK. No one gets HIV from mosquito bites. A mosquito cannot carry HIV to infect anyone. HIV cannot live inside a mosquito, so it dies inside the insect straight away. You also won’t get HIV from merely talking, kissing, swimming, sharing utensils or the toilet with someone who’s living with HIV. The primary mode of HIV infection is still through sexual contact.

TREAT. If you’ve been practicing protected sex and veer away from drugs, observe the proper precautions as well in instances when you’ll be needing blood transfusion. Contaminated blood is another way by which HIV is transmitted.

“Sores have appeared on my genitalia. This is a symptom of HIV.”

TRICK. It may not be HIV, but it may still be another kind of STI—Sexually Transmitted Infection.  HIV is just one kind of infection that you may get from unprotected sex. Other kinds of STI include genital warts, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, etc.

While these other kinds of STI do not instantly equate to having HIV, they do significantly raise your risk factor of getting HIV.

Among the common signs of STI are genital ulcerations or sores, abdominal pain, severe genital itchiness, pain during intercourse, yellowish or abnormal genital discharge, and prominent pain in passing urine.

TREAT.  Screening is the best, if not the only, way to diagnose an STI. Consult a specialist for this. If it is diagnosed as such, the full dose of prescription drug should be taken and the sexual partner should also be treated. Sexual contact should also be avoided during treatment. Condom use is advised thereafter to prevent infecting any other partner with STI.

LoveYourself offers Syphilis screening along with our HIV testing.

For further STI consultation, you may also visit:
-          DOH accredited private clinics and hospitals
-          Social Hygiene Clinics and City Health Offices
-          STD and AIDS Central Control Laboratory (San Lazaro Hospital Compound) Sta. Cruz, Manila
-          Remedios Health Clinic and Laboratory, Manila and Cebu City

“I’m scared now that I haven’t undergone HIV screening. But I’m more scared of what happens if I do test positive for HIV.”

TRICK. Fear is normal. It’s a primal emotion. The cavemen used to fear the shadows at night too, until the discovery of fire made them realize that they’ve been scared of twigs and branches all along. Fear should be a transitory feeling that enables you to inch closer and face the unknown.

TREAT. LoveYourself is here to help you! We have a dedicated case management team ready to guide you through the HIV screening. You may also fill out our online form ( or send an email to

You may also personally visit us at LoveYourself Anglo located at Unit 5, 3/F, Anglo Building, #715-A Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City or at LoveYourself Hub (a.k.a. RITM Satellite Clinic) located at 1936-B San Marcelino Street, near corner Quirino Ave. Malate, Manila

Rest assured, LoveYourself values client confidentiality at all times.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harana Chapter 5: Kung iMEOW Ay Isang Panaginip

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      * Chapter 2

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Harana Chapter 5: Kung iMEOW Ay Isang Panaginip

“Later,” muttered Trey nang iwanan niyang nakatunganga si Ash, pagkatapos ng kanyang pronouncement.
“Miao” punctuated the strange cat which suddenly appeared beside them, at sinundan nito ang binata habang siya’y naglakad papuntang parking lot.
Minasdan ni Ash at Ceres si Trey habang siya’y papalayo. “What’s up with him?” tanong ni dalaga.
“A, wala,“ mahinang sagot ni Ash. “May sinabi lang siyang… weird.”
“Like what?” Ceres’s round eyes peered into Ash, at nahiyang i-share ni Ash ang mga huling salita ni Trey.
“Wala iyon, kalimutan na natin. Saan ka pupunta?”
“Sa Shopping, kukuha ako ng readings. Mag-jijeep sana ako pero kung samahan mo ako mas gugustuhin kong maglakad kasama ka.” Kininditan ni Ceres si Ash at natawa naman ito.
“Hmm, parang wala na akong choice diyan a. Sige, samahan kita.”
Tinawid ng dalawa ang Acad Oval habang lumilipad sa paligid ang mga pulang talutot ng flame trees.
Minasdan ni Ceres ang mga naghuhulugang bulaklak. “Ganda talaga dito sa UP, no?”
“Oo nga. Buti na lang nakapag-aral din ako rito.”
“I’m glad for you. Buti wala ka pang regrets bilang binubully ka ng gagong iyon.”
Ash glanced at Ceres’s stern face at mahinhing nagsalita while looking into the distance before them. “Ewan ko. Parang kailangan niya lang naman ng friends.”
“You really think so?” A snide huff escaped Ceres’s lips nang huminto sila sa stoplight at tinignan niya si Ash. “At ikaw ba ang magiging friend na ito?
“A, di naman…”
“Weirdo ka rin no? Glutton for pain much?” Humalakhak si Ceres, while Ash hung his head down in embarrassment. Hinawakan niya sa balikat si Ash, apologetic. “Uy, joke lang a. I guess you just see the good in people. That means you’re a good guy.”
“Siguro nga,” mahinang sambit ni Ash habang tumatawid sila.
Binigyan niya ng ngiti si Ash, unsure and sympathetic. “Salamat at sinamahan mo ako.”
“Oo naman.”
Natahimik sila pareho nang baybayin nila ang gilid ng Eng’g at biglang nagsalita si Ceres.
“So there’s this open formal evening soiree thing that’s being hosted by Psych Circle a month from now, and I was just wondering…”
“Would you like to go on a date with me?”
Natameme si Ash habang nakangisi naman si Ceres. “D-date?” tanong niya.
Pabirong lumuhod si Ceres at hinawakan ang kamay ni Ash. “Ash Marquez, will you go to the dance with me?”
Tumayo si Ceres at sumenyas na maglakad na sila ulit. “Yeah, you’ll wear a suit, I’ll wear a dress, we’ll slow dance to an instrumental ensemble from the College of Music. Just a bit of fun. Kung gusto mo lang.”
“Uh… um…”
“Think about it na lang. No pressure, but I’d love if you could join me.” Ngumisi ulit si Ceres paglapit nila sa mga dorm. “In the meantime, mag-fruit shake muna tayo. No strings attached.”
Napangiti na rin si Ash. “Sige, salamat.”
~ ~ ~
Dala-dala ni Ash ang kanyang banana fruit shake sa boarding house nang hapon na iyon, at iniisip niya pa rin ang tanong ni Ceres.
“Would you like to go on a date with me?”
Hindi alam ni Ash ang iisipin. Nang maubos niya ang kanyang shake at ibinababa ang kanyang gamit ay nangibabaw naman ang mga salita ni Trey ng hapon na iyon.
“I do believe in love.”
Nakapagtataka, nakatutuwa. Natawa si Ash sa sarili’t nagpasalamat na gabi pa makakauwi ang roommate niya. Naghubad siya’t humilata nang naka-boxers lang sa kama. Nagbuntung-hininga siya sa pagod, ngunit nilabas niya ang kanyang algebra homework sa bag at sinimulang sagutan ito.
Pagkatapos ng limang numero ay napatigil siya sa isang mahirap na equation. Ibinibaba niya ang kanyang lapis at umikot nang pahiga, sinusubukang tignan ang solusyon sa ibang anggulo, nang lumitaw sa isip niya ang pagsama niya sa biyahe nila ni Trey, ang kasal na kanilang ginulo, ang kanyang sariling mga salitang binitaw.
“Kung hindi ka naniniwala sa pagmamahal, pwes ako oo!”
Ash shook his head, ibinabalik ang focus sa problemang binabasa niya. Sin(z) * cos(y-z) + cos--
“What did you have for lunch today?”
Umalis ka nga, Trey, isip ni Ash. cos(z) * sin--
“Everything good with it?”
Stop. … cos(z) * sin (y-z)--
“I do…”
Minus z--
“--believe in love…”
Minus zzzzz…
~ ~ ~
Isang buong red carpet ng pulang bulaklak. Nakapaligid dito ang mga hilera ng mga bangkong pinalamutian ng marami pang bulaklak at binalot ng puting tela. Puno ng mga tao ang mga bangko, natatakpan ang mga mukha ng naghuhulugang bulaklak sa ere. Nasa simbahan si Ash, minamasdan ang mga nagaganap sa harap niya. Unti-unti niyang maririnig ang wedding march, at ang mga salita ng pari na nasa gilid niya.
“…believe in love, promise to fix his bike, to never let go and love someone else, to own him and to be owned, forevermore, forevermore?”
“I do.”
Mapapatingin si Ash sa tabi niya, lagpas sa paring medyo mabuhok, patusok ang tenga, at may whiskers, at tumigil kay Trey, na naka-puting leather jacket, pants, at vest na medyo bukas kaya’t kita ang pecs at abs.
“Ano— Ano ba, Trey! Manggugulo ka ba ng isa pang kasal?” ang sigaw ni Ash.
“Bakit ko gugulhin to? This is our wedding, Ash.”
Mapapansin ni Ash ang mga braso niya, makikitang siya rin ay nakaputing tuxedo. Ibubukas niya ang kamay niya at sa loob nito’y isang singsing. Ipapatong ni Trey ang kanyang kamay kay Ash. Iaangat ni Ash ang mata niya sa mga mata ni Trey, na may halong pagkaseryoso, pagka-bad boy na may balak, at sa ilalim ng lahat nito…love.
“And do you, Ashton Derek Santos Marquez, take this man, to eat his lunches na masarap, to ready, aim, fire, na pilitin siyang maniwala sa pagmamahal, to own him and be owned, forevermore, forevermeow?”
“I…” Mamasdan ni Ash ang wedding guests at nakita ang kanyang magulang at kapatid sa hilera ng mga mahahabang upuan, ang kanyang ibang mga kapamilya sa Bicol, kapitbahay at kabarangay, mga kaibigan at ang kanyang mga kaklase at guro sa kolehiyo, high school, at elementary, kahit di niya na masyadong mamukhaan, pero lahat galak na galak para sa kanya.
“I…” Mamasdan niya rin ang katabi niyang entourage, si Jerson na binibigyan siya ng thumbs-up, si Girlie na naluluha-luha na, at si Ceres na buong-buo ang ngiti at mabait na tingin para sa kanya. Babalikan ang mata niya sa ngayong hubad at toned na katawan ni Trey, ang kanyang privates na natatakpan ng naghuhulugan pang bulaklak. Walang bahid ng takot si Trey, mukhang confident at handa sa hinaharap. Pupulutin ni Ash ang singsing sa palad niya, magaan na hahawakan ang kamay ni Trey, at isusuot ang singsing sa daliri nito. Unsure at first, Ash’s slight smile broadens as he looks at the naked guy he is marrying.
“I do,” bigay na bigay na sasagot ni Ash.
“You meow now kiss each other,” wika ng pusang pari.
Trey’s hand cups Ash’s cheek, as he leans in for a kiss, and then--
~ ~ ~
Nagising si Ash sa pagkaidlip nang marinig niyang pumasok ang kanyang roommate.
“Ay shet, sorry, ingay ko, Ash. Natutulog ka pala.”
“Uh, eh, oks lang, Kurt.” Hinatak ni Ash ang kumot para takpan ang sarili and collected himself as he sat up, lito pa dahil naalimpungatan at naaalala ang kanyang kakaibang panaginip. Mabilis ang takbo ng puso niya.
I do? isip niya. Napansin niya ang kanyang phone na may text notification, pinulot ito at binukas.
<Hey.  Could I get the paper for Geog1 pala? I’ll need it tomorrow na. Punta ka na lang sa Music bukas nang mga 1. Thanks.>
Binasa ni Ash ang message ni Trey nang paulit-ulit, unti-unting binabalik ang isipan sa reality. Ang panaginip niya, alam niyang di normal. Natatakot siyang isipin kung anong ibig sabihin nito, ngunit alam niyang dapat niyang harapin,
Shet. Ano ‘tong nararamdaman ko kay Trey?!
~ ~ ~
“… Hi,” awkward na imik ni Ash nang ibigay niya ang paper ni Trey sa College of Music canteen.
“Hey, thanks,” sagot naman ni Trey. “Kumain ka na ba?”
“Nag-lunch ka na? Kakain pa lang ako e, I didn’t have time to make lunch for myself last night.” Tumayo si Trey at sumenyas sa display ng pagkain ng canteen.
“Ah, e, okay lang. Mamaya na ako kakain.”
Trey threw him a snarky look. “Hindi ka pa pala kumain, may nag-ooffer sayong manlibre, e di kunin mo na.”
“Ah, sige, okay,” at tumayo si Ash at lumapit sila para masdan ang ulam ng canteen.
“Di ko pa pala nasisimulan yung paper mo sa SocSci1, sorry,” ika ni Ash kay Trey.
“That’s fine,” imik ni Trey habang gumagalaw sa pila at lumingon sa canteen staff. “Ate, isa n’yang tonkatsu.” Pagkakuha niya ng ulam ay tumingin siya kay Ash. “Wag mo nang gawin. I’ll do it na. Tinamad lang ako last week with the band and all that.”
“Okay. Ate, anong mura diyan? Isa n’yang hotdog.”
Kukunin na ni Ash ang plato ng ulam galing sa server nang hawakan ni Trey ang wrist niya. “You’re not getting that, if I have to pay for it. Ate, isa na lang ding tonkatsu para sa kanya.”
Tinitigan ni Ash ang kanyang braso nang bawiin ni Trey ang kamay niya, parang wala lang. Tinignan siya ni Trey, na ngumiti nang slight. “They don’t have a lot of good food, but the tonkatsu’s decent enough. Trust me.”  
“Salamat,” hiyang sagot ni Ash, at pumila sila upang magbayad sa walang taong canteen.
Naupo ang dalawa pagkabili ng pagkain at nagsimula sa kanilang lunch.  Sandaling katahimikan ang lumipas habang nananghalian sila, hangga’t brineak ni Trey ang awkward silence.
“Hey, look, uh…” simula ni Trey at lumingon si Ash sa pinagkakainan. “Sorry for being an asshole these past few. Minsan naiistress lang din ako sa mga pre-concert. Tapos nabunggo mo kotse ko, and it wasn’t even a big scratch, but the car means a lot. Ginawa kitang stress reliever. I don’t think I’m a bad person naman, but I guess that wasn’t okay. So I’ll try to make it up to you, if that’s good with you. We’re cool?” Inangat ni Trey ang kamao niya at tinutok kay Ash para sa fistbump.
Natulala si Ash sandali, at may butil ng kaning nahulog sa bibig niya. Di na lang niya namalayan na inaangat niya na rin ang kanyang kamao para i-bump ang fist ni Trey. Lumambot ang expression ng mukha niya at ngumiti nang parang nawalan ng bigat sa katawan. “Okay. Cool.”
~ ~ ~
Simula ng araw na iyon ay madalas nang napapasama si Ash kay Trey pag nag-imbita itong kumain tuwing break. Napansin nga niya na madalas ay walang kasama si Trey. Sa pagtatanong ay nalaman niya na ang mga kabanda ni Trey ay mga graduate na pala, at napansin niyang wala talagang masyadong kaibigan si Trey sa UP. Minsan pa nga’y sumasama siya pag kumakain ang barkada nina Ceres, na lubos na kinatutuwa naman ng fangirl na si Girlie, kahit nawiweirdohan pa rin si Ceres at Jerson. Hindi pa masabi ni Ash sa kanila ang kanyang nararamdaman.
Wala na ring hinihingi o pinapagawa si Trey sa kanya sa isang linggong lumipas. Ngunit kinuha ni Ash ang pagkakataon na kilalanin pa ang misteryosong lalake, kaya’t nag-offer din si Ash na tulungan pa rin siyang gumawa ng paper at assignment. Madalas sa katahimikan ng library o canteen, habang busy si Trey sa pagsulat at pagbasa’y nanakawan siya ng tingin ni Ash. Sino ka ba talaga, Trey? isip niya.
“Study date,” yan ang tawag ni Ash sa mga pagsasama nila ni Trey tulad na lamang nito na nasa College of Music canteen patio sila, kasama si Ceres, gumagawa ng paper at nag-aaral din. Pinagmamasdan ni Ash ang nagbabasang si Trey, na halos hindi na niya matignan sa mata, at bumaling naman ng tingin sa nagtata-type na si Ceres, na hindi niya masagot sa kanyang soiree invitation.
Biglang naistorbo ang pag-iisip ni Ash nang may dumating at naupo sa mesa nila. “Heyo, asshole,” wika ng payatot na lalakeng naka-purple na shades, puting sando at itim na skinny jeans, at may diretsong buhok hanggang balikat na may subtle na amoy ng beer.
Lumingon si Trey sa binabasa habang ang mga kasama naman niya’y gulat sa biglang pasok nitong lalake. “Oh, hey, asshole,” sagot ni Trey.
“So, sino sila?” wika ni Anton habang nakaturo ang hinlalaki kay Ash at Ceres, na hindi pa nakaka-recover sa biglang pagsulpot nito.
“They’re… friends,” sagot ni Trey. “Anton, Ash. Sorry, pinapunta ko nga pala siya. We need to talk about some band stuff lang.” Sinara ni Trey ang binabasa na libro at ibinalik ito sa kanyang backpack.
“Yeah, band stuff. Because I play the drumzzzah.” Bumaba si Anton sa mesa at kumuha ng malapit na monobloc chair para upuan ito. Tinignan niya si Ash, binigyan ng maliit na ngiti at binalikan si Trey. “Okay naman sila dito habang nag-uusap tayo, di ba?”
“Yeah, don’t freak them out.” Trey shook his head habang tinitignan si Anton, then turned to Ash, his tone stern. “Okay ka naman mag-antay dito, di ba? I wanted help pa sana for that feeling-majors MBB1 exam from that shit teacher.”
“Ah okay, sige, okay lang ako,” stammered Ash. He looked to Ceres, who nodded para sabihing okay siya, bago bumalik sa kanyang paper sa laptop.
“Aw, that’s sweet,” puna ni Anton, considering Ash with his head cocked to the side. “You’re cute. Like a puppy.” And with that he turned back to Trey. Linayo nang bahagya ng dalawang magkabanda ang kanilang upuan at hininaan ang boses nang mag-usap.
Sinara na rin ni Ash ang binabasa and regarded the stranger with suspicion. Mukhang seryoso ang usapan nila ni Trey pero si Anton ay mukhang tuwang-tuwa sa sarili. Sino ba tong kumag na to? isip ni Ash. Bigla siyang tumayo, nagsasabing “Kukuha lang ako ng tubig.”
Ceres closed her laptop and motioned to join him.  “Samahan kita. You guys need anything?” tanong niya sa mga kasama.
Trey met Ceres’s gaze and shook his head to say no. Tumingin din si Anton at sumagot ng, “Just a Coke please, baby doll, please and thanks.”
Pumasok si Ash at Ceres sa loob ng mismong canteen, at bumulalas si Ceres ng “Baby doll?!”
“Ang kumag niya no?” puna ni Ash nang lumapit sila sa counter.
“Pa-hipster na pa-rockstar na feelingerong whatever. Hay nako, ate, isang Coke. At pahingi nga ng Sprite diyan,” pagtawag ni Ceres sa canteen staff.
“Dalawahin mo na, ate,” hingi ni Ash.
“Sure kang gusto mong maging friend si Trey at ganyan yun mga kasama niya?” Ceres rolled her eyes as Ash stayed quiet, both taking a sip of their drinks. Papalabas na sila nang canteen nang tanungin niya, “Have you thought of that soiree thing na nga pala?”
Napainom si Ash nang bahagya bago siya sumagot. “Okay lang naman siguro…”
“You don’t sound that excited a.” Tumawa si Ceres nang paupo na sila. Napansin nilang nagyoyosi na lang si Trey at Anton. She slid the Coke across her, to Anton, curtly.
“Thanks, baby doll. And thanks, puppy dog.” Anton reached across him at ginulo ang buhok ni Ash.
“Ah!” galit na sigaw ni Ash, at umiwas dito.
“Don’t be a weirdo, Anton. Stop,” chided Trey. Hinampas niya sa balikat si Anton.
“Kinatutuwaan ko lang naman yung fanboy mo,” tawa ni Anton. Kinuha niya ang lata, binukas ito, at nilaklak ang lahat ng laman nito. He slammed the can on the table upon finishing at kinuha ang upos ng yosi’t hinulog ito sa loob ng lata. “Anyway, I guess we’re done. Peace out.” He winked at the two friends as he patted Trey on the shoulder bago umalis.
Peace out ka diyan, may inis na iniisip ni Ash nang tanungan siya ni Trey. “Excited about what?”
Habang nag-eempake ng gamit, sinagot siya ni Ceres ng “There’s this open formal evening soiree thing hosted by Psych Circle—“
“Ah that, yeah. May mga kasama nga ako na tutugtog doon. You guys going?”
Tinuro ni Ceres si Ash, chuckling to herself while taking her bag. “Kung pupunta ‘to, oo. Anyway, I have to go na. Text me if you change your mind a, Ash. I might go with sina Girlie at Jerson din. See you later,” paalam ni Ceres.
Pinanood ng dalawang naiwan si Ceres habang paalis siya ng College of Music. “So what’s wrong with her?” tanong ni Trey.
“Huh?” litong imik ni Ash.
Trey turned to face him, taking a puff of his yosi. “Bakit ayaw mong sumama sa kanya?”
“Di naman sa ayaw ko,” paliwanag ng namumulang Ash, “Di lang ako sigurado kung seryoso siya na date iyon. Baka masyado siyang mag-expect.”
“Taas ng standards mo dude a. Or have you ever been with a girl ba?” Trey cocked his eyebrow at him.
“Ha?” Namula pa lalo si Ash. “A naman, um, oo--”
Napatawa si Trey sa pagkahalata ng kasama. Bumuga siya ng huling puff ng yosi at pinundi ang upos nito sa mesa. “You know what I’ve learned? If someone likes you, you just say yes. Kung hindi naman siya disgusting o panget and you have nothing to lose, why not? Have a little fun lang, don’t do anything too serious, and if it comes down to it--”
“Gusto mo bang pumunta?” Diniretso ni Ash ang tingin kay Trey.
“--dump her sorry ass. What?” Trey regarded Ash with a frown of surprise.
“Sa soiree, baka pwedeng tulungan mo ako roon. Pupunta lang ako kung pupunta ka. If you’ll help me. Okay lang ba?”
Biglang bumait ang ating Mr. Popular. Mukhang may puso rin nga naman si Trey; ika nga niya kay Ash: naniniwala siya sa pag-ibig. Mukhang patapos na rin ang mga araw ng pang-aalila ni Trey kay Ash, at si Ash naman ay unti-unting nagkakagusto kay Trey!

Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa soiree ng Psych Circle? Makakapunta nga ba si Ash sa naturang party bilang date ni Ceres? At ano kaya ang sagot ni Trey sa hinihiling na tulong ni Ash? Abangan sa Chapter 6 na nakatakdang ilathala sa November 4. 

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Mr. & Ms. Fratpad Pageant Auditions On October 17 and 24 - Open to All Clan Members

Are you part of a gay or bi clan? Make your clan proud and get a chance to win up to P10,000 by joining the first-ever Mr. & Ms. Fratpad pageant competition.

The search begins on October 17 and 24 with preliminary go-see auditions at LoveYourself Anglo building along Shaw Boulevard. Update: The second day of go-see auditions has been moved to October 24 from October 18 due to the typhoon.

Those who qualify can compete for the titles of Mr. Fratpad and Ms. Fratpad on the grand pageant competition in November.

Mr. Fratpad is a male pageant competition, while Ms. Fratpad is a male-in-drag pageant competition.

Register now at Registration is free.

As Mr. and Ms. Fratpad, these ambassadors of self-worth will win P10,000 each and other prizes, as well as help the advocacy in empowering clan members and spreading HIV awareness. See the full details below.

Mr. & Ms. Fratpad Go-See Auditions
Day 1 - October 17, 2015
Time: 10AM to 5PM
Venue: LoveYourself Anglo, Shaw Boulevard

Day 2 - October 24, 2015
Time: 10AM - 7PM
Venue: LoveYourself Anglo, Shaw Boulevard

How To Enter
LoveYourself invites all clan members, 18-30 years old, and identifies as gay or bisexul to attend the go-see auditions on October 17 and 24. No registration fee required -- so invite everyone to come!

Register now at For questions or inquiries, message

What To Bring
Go-see applicants should bring the following:
- 3r recent headshot
- Swimwear
- Male-in-drag contestants must bring a female headshot photo