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LoveYourself Volunteer Spotlight: Jack, Seven Years Later

We spoke with one of LoveYourself's top counselors Jack Torres, a man whose enlightenment and life of volunteerism beautifully, but not without its challenges, unravelled in seven years. He shares, "I believe life is not meaningless. If I'm able to find meaning in what I'm doing, others should have the same chance to find meaning in their lives."
By Jean Natividad
Jack made himself comfortable on the couch, wiping his sweat and catching his breath. It was a scorching Saturday noon in Manila, and we had a few minutes to chat before he had to leave for volunteer duty. In his gray shirt, blue jeans, and trusty sneakers, he looked pretty ordinary. But it's true there's a story behind every person we meet, and Jack's is one of depth and meaning that's worth sharing.
Jack, 31, wears many hats as an educator, researcher, teacher trainer, and LoveYourself counselor. He has been contributing to making students, teachers, and clients better informed, thanks to his genuine thirst for knowledge and desire to share information. Jack guides the people he meets to make informed decisions, be it in the classroom, boardroom, or bedroom.
Despite a heavy work schedule, Jack provided HIV pre-test and post-test counseling to 132 clients, making him the top counselor at the LoveYourself Anglo clinic during the first half of 2015. But his life of volunteerism didn't happen overnight. It is a process that took seven years in the making, brought by experiences that you could say have changed his life forever.

Jack is one of the hundreds of volunteers for LoveYourself. His photo has been withheld here out of respect for his privacy.

The beginning

It started with a seemingly simple connection that ended up leaving a mark in Jack's life. Seven years ago, he met Dave (not his real name), a guy that, according to Jack, is one of the nicest persons he's ever met. The two dated for a month, and although their relationship was cut short, it spawned a friendship that spanned seven years and a life dedicated to the HIV testing and awareness advocacy.
"When he found out he was HIV reactive, he told me we should stop dating and just be friends.  I also couldn't do anything because I didn't know much about HIV at the time," Jack shared. And so Dave disappeared from Jack's radar, and the two didn't get to catch up until four years later, when Dave was in a relationship and was struggling with how to share his status with his partner.
"I was the second person with whom he shared his HIV status, the first one being his sister. It took him a while to tell the rest of his family, so I was honored with the trust he gave me," said Jack. But then the two drifted apart again. Three years later, Jack and Dave were again in the same room, but only one of them could share stories.

Loss and awakening

"I got tested for HIV seven years after Dave's diagnosis. I wasn't talking to him at the time, but I found out out the day after my test, through Facebook, that he had already passed," Jack recalled. He found a way to make it to Dave's wake, and there, he had an encounter that opened his eyes to a new path he would later on take.
Jack arrived at the wake and met Dave's sister. She spoke to him for a long time, hoping to get to know her brother from this man's point of view. "She was so hungry for information," Jack continued, "The family had their regrets over not getting to know Dave on a deeper level. I could see it in their faces."

But more than witnessing the predicament of the family his dear friend left behind, Jack saw the stigma of HIV. "Dave's family was trying to hide the real reason behind his death, and that's one of the things that pushed me to join the advocacy – because, I thought, 'Why do you need to hide the reason for his passing? Why is it that when someone dies from HIV or its complications, people try to fish for even more information?' There's really such a negative connotation when someone dies because of HIV," he said.

The first steps to a new path

Jack's new path doesn't come without its obstacles. He shared, "Before joining LoveYourself, I really had to think about the issues that might emerge since I am not out." Jack currently juggles two personas apparent in his dual Facebook accounts - one for his advocacy where he is out, and another for his family and local groups where he is not out.

Jack grew up active in church, but his responsibilities there have now taken the backseat. Although Jack believes his church has good teachings, he admits he is not pleased with its view on homosexuality: "In my church, when someone appears flamboyant, the members would talk about him behind his back or bully him, so for me, it's a huge turnoff."

But Jack remains hopeful. With his many years being active in church work, he has seen the many changes the institution has gone through – primarily from being very dogmatic to becoming a bit more lenient and emphasizing grace and acceptance. "I also believe people have innate goodness. I just think right now, their eyes haven't yet been fully opened to God's limitless love for everyone," he shared.

As for coming out to his family, Jack believes the right time will come. “Maybe when I am fully independent, when I don’t have to live with and rely on my parents, then I can come out. It will happen, I know.”

Moving forward
When asked what could have happened differently had he known then what he knows now, Jack said he would have kept in constant touch with Dave. He would have had himself tested earlier, he wouldn't have lived in fear for seven years, and he wouldn't have been so shocked with his friend's death.
But seven years later, Jack is more optimistic than ever: "My goal right now is to just continue the advocacy because changes don't just happen overnight. The stigma is hard to fight, but it doesn't mean we have to stop fighting."
Jack has been with LoveYourself for more than a year now, but his life of advocacy is still in its beginning stages. His path is brightly lit, with the inner light of his fellow volunteers, his clients, and his dear old friend Dave.

LoveYourself Volunteer Spotlight is a monthly feature on the cause- and service-oriented members of LoveYourself. We will be chatting with volunteers from all walks of life – all united in one cause. Keep checking every month to meet the different faces of LoveYourself.

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LoveYourself Partners With Teleperformance For Free HIV Screening and Counseling

Next stop: Teleperformance.

LoveYourself will be providing free and confidential HIV screening and counseling services to three offices of business process outsourcing company Teleperformance.

This is part of the advocacy's ongoing effort to spread HIV awareness and encourage regular HIV screening among the youth and young professionals.

LoveYourself operates the project in partnership with the Philippine Business Sector Response (PBSR) program of the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.

Other interested companies can contact to schedule their own HIV screening days.

Teleperformance HIV screening days

October 6-8, 2015 (Tuesday to Thursday)
6:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Teleperformance Alphaland Southgate Mall, EDSA cor Chino Roces Ext., Makati City

October 27-29, 2015 (Tuesday to Thursday)
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Teleperformance Fairview, 2nd Floor SM City Fairview Annex, Fairview, Quezon City, Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

November 4-6, 2015 (Wednesday to Friday)
4:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Teleperformance Makati, Ayala Ave. corner Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Reaching Out To The Youth and Young Professionals

Latest data from the Department of Health points to rising infection of HIV among the youth and young professionals in Metro Manila, making them the most vulnerable populations to this rising epidemic.

Through the LoveYourself Caravan Philippine Business Sector Response team, which conducts free HIV awareness seminars and voluntary HIV screening in companies and schools, the advocacy aims to support these populations.

Among schools, LoveYourself has conducted events at UP Los BaƱos, UP Diliman, CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies, University of Makati and Palawan State University in Puerto Princesa.

Bring HIV Awareness To Your Office Or School

If your company or school would like to conduct HIV awareness, counseling and screening, please contact

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Harana Chapter 3: Wedding in Vain For Your Love

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Harana Chapter 3: Wedding In Vain For Your Love

“Hey, bro. Where have you been?” Nasa backstage na ang bandmates ni Trey at naghahanda para sa performance nila. They are the headline act for the freshmen concert.

“Some stupid cat ruined my jacket,” inis na tugon ni Trey. Doon lang nahalata ng mga bandmates nito na wala nga ang madalas nitong suot na jacket. Weird, pero kahit anong panahon ay hindi pwedeng hindi iyon suot ni Trey kaya naman naging trademark look na ito ng lead vocalist ng Ready, Aim, Fire.

Hindi naman na magkamayaw ang mga tao sa College of Social Science Hall kung saan ginagawa ang welcome concert para sa mga freshmen sa UP. Dahil na rin sa angkin nilang galing sa pagtugtog at ang hindi maikakailang kasikatan ni Trey ay sila ang main act sa gabing iyon.

Karamihan sa mga nanonood ay mga kababaihan kaya naman tila hindi mapakali sa kanilang kinatatayuan si Ash at ang kaibigan nitong si Jerson habang ang girlfriend nitong si Girlie ay halos nakatingkayad na buong gabi makakuha lang ng magandang viewing angle ng stage.

“Kain tayo tapsilog pagkatapos?” tanong ni Ceres kay Ash. Isa pa ‘tong si Ceres na halatang gusto nang umalis. Pinagbigyan lang nila si Girlie na obsessed sa banda.

“Are you guys ready? Ito na ang pinakahihintay ninyo!” sigaw ng emcee na naging dahilan para mas sumigaw pa ang karamihan ng nanonood.

Isa-isa nang umakyat sa stage ang mga miyembro ng Ready, Aim, Fire. Halos mabingi na sina Ash sa lakas ng hiyawan. Hindi na rin nagpapigil si Girlie na bagama’t katabi ang nobyong si Jerson ay halos mapatid ang tonsils sa kakasigaw. Hawak hawak ang telepono nito ay panay ang kuha ni Girlie ng pictures ng banda.

“Naku, ipopost ko ‘to sa Facebook page ng Ready, Aim, Fire!” tuwang sabi ni Girlie na hindi na narinig ng mga kaibigan nito dahil sa ingay.

Inaayos na ng mga bandmates ni Trey ang mga instruments nila nang umakyat ito sa stage. Halata pa rin sa mukha nito ang pagkabalisa.

“Test...1...2…” wika nito sa mikropono. Biglang natahimik ang mga tao na ipinagtaka ni Ash.

“Ito naaaaa!” kinikilig na wika ni Girlie sa mga kaibigan.

Lumingon si Trey sa mga kabanda nito at tumango. Trey has been doing this for almost two years he’s used to all the attention by now. He’s used to it, but he doesn’t like it.

“We are Ready, Aim, Fire!”

At tuluyan na ngang nabalot ang lugar ng hiyawan.


Hindi mapakali at palakad-lakad si Ash sa waiting shed sa tapat ng Centennial Dorm. Hindi pa rin lubos na maintindihan ni Ash kung bakit gusto siyang isama ni Trey sa pupuntahan nitong kasal.

Halos bawat minuto ay tumitingin si Ash sa kanyang relo. Limang minuto na lang. Nagpasya si Ash na kapag hindi pa dumating si Trey sa loob ng limang minuto ay aalis na ito. Ayaw niyang sayangin ang oras niya kakahintay sa wala.

Para hindi mabagot ay nilabas ni Ash ang telepono niya upang manood ng mga videos. Ilang episodes na nga ba ng AlDub ang hindi niya napapanood?


Nakita na naman ni Ash si Estrella Monella. Nakita rin niya ito nang magasgasan ng bike niya ang kotse ni Trey. Medyo kinikilabutan na si Ash tuwing nakikita ang pusang ito.

“May mangyayari na namang kabwisitan sa buhay ko,” ani Ash sa sarili. Nakatitig pa rin ito sa pusa nang marinig ang isang malakas na busina.

Ang laki pala talaga ng naging gasgas ng sasakyan ni Trey. Bumukas ang bintana sa passenger side ng kotse. Hinihintay ni Ash na dumungaw si Trey pero hindi ito kumikilos sa kinauupuan nito kaya inis siyang lumapit sa sasakyan.

“Get in the car.” Ni hindi man lang siya nilingon ni Trey.

“Hay. Sabi ko na nga ba,” wika ni Ash sa sarili habang labag sa loob na pumapasok sa kotse.

“Saan ba tayo pupunta?” tanong ni Ash pagsakay nito sa sasakyan. Diretso pa rin ang tingin ni Trey sa daan. “Daig ko pa ang nakikipag-usap sa dingding, a.”

“I told you, we’re going to a wedding,” aburidong sagot ni Trey.

“Alam ko. Pero saan nga?” tila inis na ring tanong ni Ash.

“Batangas. It’s going to be a long drive so you better shut up.”

Nagpanting ang tenga ni Ash sa narinig. Alam niyang may kasalanan siya kay Trey pero hindi na nito gusto ang pambabastos na ginagawa nito sa kanya.

“Alam mo, hindi lang naman ako ang may kasalanan kung bakit nagasgasan ‘tong pinakamamahal mong sasakyan,” galit na sagot ni Ash. “Kung babastusin mo lang din naman ako, mag-isa kang pumunta sa kasal mo.”

Akmang bubuksan na ni Ash ang pinto nang maglock ito. Nakasimangot itong tumingin kay Trey.

Kahit na may suot na shades ay kitang kita pa rin ang kagwapuhan ni Trey. Suot ang kanyang puting T-shirt at leather jacket ay angat na angat ang matangos nitong ilong at mapupulang labi.

“Remember, I own you.”

“Ugh!” pikon na pikon na si Ash pero sadyang hindi niya kayang makipag-away sa ibang tao. Inis itong umayos ng upo at isinuot ang seatbelt nang tumunog ang telepono nito.

“Tawagan mo ako kapag inaway ka ng Trey na ‘yan. Pupuntahan ka namin nina Jerson,” text ni Ceres.

“Okay lang ako. Kapag hindi na ako nakapagpigil, hahabaan ko pa ‘tong gasgas ng sasakyan niya,” reply ni Ash.

Nakakabingi ang katahimikan sa loob ng sasakyan ni Trey. Pareho silang walang imik. Si Ash ay nakatingin lang sa labas ng bintana at iniisip kung ano bang kasalanan ang nagawa niya sa mundo para parusahan siya ng ganito.

“O, bakit tayo nandito?” tanong ni Ash nang mapansing huminto sila sa TriNoma. “Anong oras ba ‘yung kasal na ‘yan at may oras ka pang mag-mall?”

“Have you looked in the mirror? Baka hindi ka papasukin ng guard diyan sa suot mo.”

Nagtimpi na lang ng pagkagalit niya si Ash at huminga ng malalim.

“Let’s go,” ani Trey at lumabas ng sasakyan.

Ang bilis maglakad ni Trey at talaga namang pinagtitinginan siya ng mga taong makakasalubong nila. Halos hingalin si Ash sa paghabol dito sa paglalakad.

Pagpasok nila sa isang boutique ay napatingin si Ash sa salamin. Okay naman para sa kanya ang suot niya--t-shirt, jeans at rubber shoes. He doesn’t even know what they’ll do at the wedding kaya hindi niya alam kung ano ba talaga ang dapat suotin.

“Miss, can you make him look presentable?” told Trey to the shop’s manager.

Naglabas ng ilang pares ng coat and tie ang mga crew ng shop habang si Ash naman ay nasa fitting room lang at hindi sanay sa nangyayari. Nakaupo lang si Trey at nakikinig ng kanta sa iPhone niya nang lumabas si Ash sa fitting room suot ang coat.

“Ayoko na magsuot ng polo. Ikaw nga naka t-shirt lang, eh,” reklamo ni Ash

Inalis ni Trey ang suot nitong shades at tiningnan si Ash mula ulo hanggang paa. Tumayo ito at nilapitan si Ash. “That will do. Let’s go.”

“Teka, wala akong pambayad nito,” apela ni Ash nang makitang naglalakad na si Trey papunta sa cashier.

“Ako muna magbabayad. Pero idadagdag ko yan sa sisingilin ko sa’yo in the future.”

Nahiya si Ash nang mapansing nakangiti lang sa kanila ang mga staff ng boutique. Hindi na nito hinintay si Trey at lumabas na ng shop.

“Teka, kaninong kasal ba kasi pupuntahan natin?” tanong ni Ash.

“My ex-girlfriend’s,” maikling sagot ni Trey.

“Wait, so ano? Manggugulo tayo ng kasal ng may kasal? At anong kinalaman ko diyan sa plano mo?” gulat at kabadong tanong ni Ash. Kahit kailan ay hindi niya pinangarap na kasuklaman ng kahit na sinumang tao at sigurado siyang ganun ang mangyayari sa gagawin nila.

“None of my friends want to go.” Dagling huminto si Trey sa paglalakad at tinitigan si Ash. “And Trish cannot marry that guy. She can’t marry anyone.”

“Bakit? Mahal mo pa ba ‘yung Trish na ‘yun?” gulo pa ring tanong ni Ash.

“Of course not!” Last year pa naghiwalay si Trey at si Trish. Nagkakilala ang dalawa nung mga panahong halos bumagsak na si Trey sa lahat ng subjects nito dahil panay na ang absences nito. “Teka, what made you think that you can ask so many questions? Stop irritating me,” inis na sagot ni Trey.

Napabuntong hininga na lang si Ash. He just looks at his watch and when he sees that it is just 11a.m., he felt really, really frustrated.. “Ilang oras ko pang kasama ‘tong halimaw na ‘to?” tanong nito sa sarili.

Mabuti na lang at nakarating sila sa Batangas nang hindi sila sumasabog sa galit. Mag-aalas tres na nang makarating sila sa venue ng kasal.

“Weird,” wika ni Trey paglabas nila ng kotse.

“Bakit?” tanong ni Ash sa kasama. Panay ang ayos ni Ash sa suot niyang coat. Hindi siya sanay magsuot ng ganun at init na init na siya.

“I just didn’t think she would go for this motif,” mahinang sagot ni Trey na panay pa rin ang tingin sa ayos ng lugar.

Halatang ginastusan ang kasal dahil sa labas pa lang ng venue ay puno na ito ng palamuti ng maroon at puting mga bulaklak.

Hindi na sumagot si Ash kahit na iniisip pa rin nito kung kaninong kasal ba ang pinuntahan nila. Sinundan na lang niya si Trey na maglakad papasok ng venue. Dumiretso sila sa reception area at natanong.

“Miss, has the wedding started already?” tanong ni Trey sa receptionist.

“Yes, sir. It just started a few minutes ago. Are you one of the guests?” balik na tanong nito sa dalawa.

“Yes,” mahinang sagot ni Trey habang si Ash ay nakatingin lang sa dalawang nag-uusap.

“Can I see your invitation, please?” wika ng receptionist.  Nagulat na lang si Ash ng hilahin siya ni Trey na nagsisimula nang maglakad ng mabilis papasok sa main area kung saan ginaganap ang kasal.

Pabilis ng pabilis ang paglakad nila hanggang sa ilang segundo lang ay tumatakbo na ang dalawa. Nadaanan nila ang isang board kung saan nakasulat ang mga pangalan ng ikakasal.

Isadora Richards & Alden Dusmas Nuptials

Nagtaka si Ash dahil hindi naman iyon ang natatandaan niyang pangalan ng ex-girlfriend ni Trey. Nang lumingon si Ash ay napansin nito na sinusubukan silang habulin ng receptionist pero hindi sila maabutan nito.

“Trey! Trey! Ano ba ‘tong gagawin natin? Invited ka ba talaga sa kasal na ‘to?” hinahapos na tanong ni Ash.

“Just shut up,” sagot ni Trey.

Nang malapit na sila sa malaking pintuan papasok sa main hall, binitawan ni Trey ang kamay ni Ash at malakas na binuksan ang pinto.

“STOP THIS WEDDING!” sigaw ni Trey na ikinagulat ni Ash. Kahit hingal na hingal ay nakita ni Ash na lahat ng mga tao sa loob ng lugar, pati na ang mga ikinakasal ay nakatingin sa kanilang dalawa.

Nagtataka si Ash sa reaksyon ng bride at groom dahil tila wala sa kanila ang nakakakilala kay Trey.

Dahan dahang lumalakas ang mga bulungan ng mga bisita. Nang tingnan ni Ash si Trey ay nakita niya ang gulat na reaction sa mukha nito.

“Sir bawal po kayo pumasok dito kung wala kayong invitation,” pagalit na wika ng receptionist na ngayon lang sila naabutan.

Hindi agad sumagot si Trey na tila wala pa rin sa sarili.

“Huy, halika na! Nakakahiya na!” bulong ni Ash kay Trey. Doon lang tila nahimasmasan si Trey.

“Ah...I’m sorry. Carry on,” paumanhin ni Trey sa mga ikinakasal. Matapos nito ay tumalikod ito at muling tumakbo palabas.

Habang papaalis sa venue ay doon napansin ni Trey na may isa pa palang hallway papunta sa ibang wedding venue.

Nang pareho na silang nasa loob ng sasakyan ay agad itong pinaandar ni Trey.

“Pakiexplain nga ‘yung ginawa mo dun kanina? Plinano mo ba talagang sirain yung kasal nila? ” inis na tanong ni Ash. Hindi siya makapaniwala na idinamay siya ni Trey sa kahihiyang iyon. Hindi niya maisip kung ano na ang nangyayari sa ikinakasal. Baka nakasira pa sila ng relasyon sa ginawa nila.

“Huh? I don’t even know them. And who would’ve thought na may iba pang wedding area ‘yung venue?” walang emosyon na sagot ni Trey.

“Hindi mo ba nabasa na hindi naman pangalan ng ex-girlfriend mo yung nakadisplay sa announcement board? Tsaka bakit tayo nagcrash ng wedding? Ano bang trip mo?” Hindi na napigilan ni Ash ang galit niya dahil sa pagka-childish ni Trey. Mas tumindi pa ang galit nito nang hindi siya sagutin ni Trey. “Kawawa naman si Isadora.”

“Was that the name of the bride?” tanong ni Trey.

“Ewan ko sa’yo.”

Nakatingin na lang si Ash sa bintana ng kotse para mahimasmasan sa galit na nararamdaman niya nang marinig niyang tumatawa si Trey.

“Ano bang trip mo?”
Trey is laughing so hard he cannot drive properly so he just stops at a shoulder in the highway.

Tawa pa rin ng tawa si Trey at sobrang naiinis na si Ash kaya lumabas na muna ito ng sasakyan dahil baka kung ano ang masabi niya rito.

Sa isip ni Ash, mabuti na lang at nasa highway sila. Makakapagbus siya pabalik ng Manila. Parang hindi na niya kaya na makasama pa si Trey ng ilang oras. Naghalo na ang galit, inis at pagkahiya niya sa nangyari.

“Hey! Where are you going?” tanong ni Trey na lumabas na rin ng kotse nang mapansing naglalakad palayo si Ash.

“Huwag mo na nga akong sundan. Baka kung ano magawa ko sa’yo!” sigaw ni Ash.

“Bakit ba galit na galit ka? Admit it. It was kind of fun,” sagot ni Trey.

“Fun? Ganun ba ang konsepto mo ng ‘fun?’ Sinira natin ‘yung kasal nila!”

“I said sorry to them, right? Matatanda na sila. I’m sure they can handle it.”

“Wow. Ibang klase ka rin,” wika ni Ash.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Tila naiinis na rin si Trey sa pakikitungo sa kanya ni Ash.

“Akala ko ba nakamove on ka na? E bakit plinano mo pang magpakatanga tapos idinamay mo pa ako?”

“I just wanted her to suffer,” maikling sagot ni Trey.

“Magpapakasal na ‘yung tao. Clearly, nakamove on na siya sa’yo. Huwag mo nang pagsiksikan ‘yan sarili mo sa kanya!” galit na talagang wika ni Ash

“Look who’s talking. Are you some love expert now? And in case you forgot, you owe me so you should do whatev--”

“Kung hindi ka kasi naniniwala sa pagmamahal, pwes ako oo! At sobrang nahihiya ako na wala namang ginagawang masama sa atin ‘yung mga tao, tapos pinagtripan mo lang sila ng ganun!”

Nagulat si Trey. Ni hindi na niya nagawang tapusin ang sasabihin niya. Hindi agad siya nakasagot at ang totoo ay hindi niya alam kung ano ang isasagot niya rito.

“Look. Just get in the car. Let’s go home,” mas malumanay nitong sabi kay Ash.

“Mag-isa ka!” galit pa ring sagot ni Ash.Tinalikuran nito si Trey at naglakad palayo.

Trey still cannot believe what just happened. Habang mag-isang nakatayo sa gilid ng highway sa Batangas at wala pang isang oras mula nang mag-crash sila ng maling kasal ay hindi nito maiwasan mamangha sa ugali ni Ash.


Pagpasok ni Trey sa sasakyan niya ay tsaka lang niya napansin ang bigat ng nararamdaman niya. “So by now, Trish is already married. And I am heading back to Manila by myself,” wika ni Trey sa sarili. “Great, I’m still alone.”

Pinaandar na niya ang sasakyan at hindi pa man siya nakakalayo ay napansin niya si Ash na nag-aabang pa rin ng masasakyan.

Huminto si Trey sa harap ni Ash at ibinaba ang bintana.

“Look, Ash, I’m sorry, okay? Just get in the car. It’s getting dark, mahihirapan ka nang makasakay niyan,” aya ni Trey.

Gustuhin man ni Ash na huwag pansinin si Trey, lahat ng bus na dumaan ay puno na at hindi na siya pinasasakay. Isa pa, mas makakatipid siya kung sasabay siya rito. Huminga na lang muna siya ng malalim bago pumasok sa loob ng sasakyan.

“Tara na, umuwi na tayo,” diretsong sabi ni Ash kay Trey.


May napansin ba kayong pagbabago sa dating pag-asta ni Trey kay Ash? Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa mahabang byahe ni Trey at Ash pabalik ng Manila? Ano kaya ang magiging epekto ng mga pangyayari na ito sa dalawa at sa magiging pakikitungo nila sa isa’t isa? 

Abangan sa Chapter 4 na ilalathala sa October 7.

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