Monday, May 04, 2015

LoveYourself Provides #Finally Free HIV Screening For Me On May 17 In Malate

In celebration of the National HIV Testing Week, LoveYourself will be conducting a free HIV screening day on May 17, Sunday, at Victoria Court Malate. This event is open for all ages* and genders. Register now at

Register For A Slot

Registration ensures you have a slot during the event. Please come on time between 10AM and 5PM, after which you may no longer be accommodated.

First Free HIV Screening Day? Read These Helpful Guides

1. If you need directions to the event, here's a detailed map on how to get to Victoria Court Malate.
2. Know what to do and what to expect during a free HIV screening day.
3. Have no fear - learn how to prepare for your first HIV screening.

Support #Finally Free HIV Testing For Me!

Realizing that people in Manila may not get screened for HIV because of its cost in private clinics, LoveYourself brings free HIV testing in a very accessible location in the center of the metro.

With a message of “#Finally! Free HIV Testing For Me”, LoveYourself encourages people to finally to know their HIV status and to adopt a confident, positive outlook in life. The organization is at the forefront of the fight against the alarming rise of reported HIV cases in the Philippines at nearly 21,000 since 1984.

In January 2015, there were 536 people reported to be newly infected with HIV, 20% higher compared with the same period last year, according to Department of Health data. Around 95% of the new cases were male with 42% of new cases located in the National Capital Region.

LoveYourself believes that knowing your HIV status can not only help prevent the virus from spreading to other people, but will also empower you to take care of yourself and become a force of positive change in your family and community.

*Clients younger than 18 can avail free HIV screening but will have to bring their parents for consent.