Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Bold and the Beautiful: LoveYourself Hosts An Amazing Race And Bulaklak Ng TLY Pageant

Twenty-five LoveYourself members participated in the ultimate test of speed, endurance and wits in the organization's first-ever Amazing Race held last Saturday, May 23.

Patterned after the popular The Amazing Race reality TV competition, the LoveYourself Amazing Race grouped the 25 participants into 5 competing tribes and took them through a gauntlet of tasks around Metro Manila.

The race began at the Kilometre Zero marker in Luneta Park and from there the groups were put through a gauntlet of challenges such as purchasing items in the crowded Divisoria market, taking selfies with pythons and monkeys in Malabon zoo, and answering tricky quizzes on HIV information at the LoveYourself Anglo testing and community center.

After 10 hours of racing, the teams arrived at what they thought to be the final pit stop at Amelie Hotel. But teams were met with a surprise final challenge: Field a contestant for that night's Bulaklak ng TLY beauty pageant.

Five brave participants from each team dressed up in makeshift gowns and were transformed into beautiful ladies for the night. Bearing extreme grace under pressure, the Bulaklak ng TLY contestants shone on stage while parading their team's pride and answering questions from a panel of judges.

After the points from the race proper and Bulaklak ng TLY competition were combined, Team Candor emerged as champions. 

Congratulations to all the winners, race participants, LoveYourself Events team organizers, staff volunteers and sponsors!

Monday, May 04, 2015

LoveYourself Free HIV Screening Day: What To Do and What To Expect

Updated on November 6, 2015

With the alarming rise of HIV/AIDS-related cases in the Philippines, it is vital that more people get screened for HIV.

Aside from LoveYourself screening centers, people can get tested through one-day events like the “Ito Ang Tamang Panahon: Free HIV Testing Day" to be held on November 29, 2015 at Victoria Court North EDSA.

Is It Absolutely Free?
LoveYourself free HIV screening day will not charge for any services. You will only need to spend for the transportation going to venue.

Is It Open For All?
This event is open for all ages and genders. Clients younger than 18 will have to bring their parents for consent.

How Do I Sign Up?
Register for free at to secure a slot during our May 17 event.

How Do I Go To The Venue?
Here's the map and directions on how you can get to Victoria Court North EDSA.

Why Should I Get Screened At A One-Day Event Instead Of A Clinic?
Clients can expect the same quality of service and confidentiality when they avail their HIV screening either through a one-day event or a clinic. But there are three main reasons why you would want to attend a one-day event:

  1. The event venue may possibly be near or accessible to you. For our November 29 testing day, it will be held at Victoria Court North EDSA. 
  2. You are free that day and want to secure a guaranteed slot. Simply register at and show up before the cut-off time.
  3. You want to get screened with a lot of your friends. LoveYourself HIV screening days will accommodate you and any number of your friends who may want to know their status.

What Happens In A One-Day Free HIV Screening Event?
This special LoveYourself event is held in a single day at a convenient location and aims to bring free, confidential HIV screening to as many people as possible. It is held in a non-clinic-based setting to allow for a more casual and light atmosphere.

Almost identical to walk-in testing in LoveYourself clinics, the special screening will involve the following steps.

  1. Pre-registration: Participants will be asked to sign up online where their information will be kept confidential.
  2. Registration: Once at the venue, clients will fill out a NEC form with their most basic information and other data relevant to the testing. Client information is strictly kept confidential at all times.
  3. HIV101: Clients will then be guided to a room where trained educators will teach them the basics of HIV such as what it is and how it is transmitted, and other vital information related to HIV prevention.
  4. Blood extraction: A small sample of blood will be collected by trained medical professionals.
  5. Waiting period of 2-3 hours: While waiting, clients can participate in a group facilitation session where they can learn more about safe sex and how to improve their self-worth.
  6. Post-test counseling: Any questions the client may have will be accommodated by the counselor 1-on-1, and the actual results will be discussed afterwards.
What Happens After I Find Out My Results?
If the result of the HIV screening is reactive, it will be sent to DOH/STD AIDS Cooperative Central Laboratory for confirmatory tests while the client is referred to RITM Alabang for further baseline tests. A client can freely ask questions about the process with their assigned LoveYourself counselor.

It is highly recommended for the client to use his or her real name, so he or she can get the maximum benefit of treatment options available without complications. For those concerned about the privacy of their personal information, rest assured that the client’s identity will be treated with utmost confidentiality. A numbering system will be implemented to identify clients to keep their real names and other personal information protected.

If non-reactive, a discussion between the counselor and the client will be conducted on how to make sure they can remain non-reactive by reducing their risky behavior and becoming more responsible in protecting against the virus.

How To Get To Victoria Court Malate For LoveYourself Free HIV Screening Day On May 17

Congratulations for #finally taking courage to know your HIV status during LoveYourself's free HIV screening day on May 17. Before anything else, make sure you register to ensure a slot. 

On the day itself, proceed to Victoria Court Malate between 10AM to 5PM. You are encouraged to print the map below or save the photo on your mobile phone for reference. Read on for more details on how to get to the location.

Exact Address
Victoria Court Malate 2184 Madre Ignacia Street corner Quirino Avenue, Malate, Manila.

From the LRT - Quirino Station / Taft Avenue
- It is a 10-minute walk from LRT-Quirino Station / Taft Avenue
- Or you can take a public transportation vehicle going through Quirino Avenue and ask them to drop you off at Victoria Court Malate. It should be on the right side.

From Roxas Boulevard
- It is a 5-minute walk from Roxas Boulevard
- Or you can take a public transportation vehicle going through Quirino Avenue and ask them to drop you off at Victoria Court Malate. It should be on the left side, and you might need to cross the street.

Victoria Court Malate is facing the Manila Zooligical and Botanical Garden.

Google Maps
Search for "Hotel Victoria De Malate" on the Google Maps app or website to get a detailed map of the vicinity.

LoveYourself Provides #Finally Free HIV Screening For Me On May 17 In Malate

In celebration of the National HIV Testing Week, LoveYourself will be conducting a free HIV screening day on May 17, Sunday, at Victoria Court Malate. This event is open for all ages* and genders. Register now at

Register For A Slot

Registration ensures you have a slot during the event. Please come on time between 10AM and 5PM, after which you may no longer be accommodated.

First Free HIV Screening Day? Read These Helpful Guides

1. If you need directions to the event, here's a detailed map on how to get to Victoria Court Malate.
2. Know what to do and what to expect during a free HIV screening day.
3. Have no fear - learn how to prepare for your first HIV screening.

Support #Finally Free HIV Testing For Me!

Realizing that people in Manila may not get screened for HIV because of its cost in private clinics, LoveYourself brings free HIV testing in a very accessible location in the center of the metro.

With a message of “#Finally! Free HIV Testing For Me”, LoveYourself encourages people to finally to know their HIV status and to adopt a confident, positive outlook in life. The organization is at the forefront of the fight against the alarming rise of reported HIV cases in the Philippines at nearly 21,000 since 1984.

In January 2015, there were 536 people reported to be newly infected with HIV, 20% higher compared with the same period last year, according to Department of Health data. Around 95% of the new cases were male with 42% of new cases located in the National Capital Region.

LoveYourself believes that knowing your HIV status can not only help prevent the virus from spreading to other people, but will also empower you to take care of yourself and become a force of positive change in your family and community.

*Clients younger than 18 can avail free HIV screening but will have to bring their parents for consent.