Monday, April 28, 2014

LoveYourself Cafe: Dating Dudes (Olongapo Edition)

The Love Yourself Cafe presents...

Are you still waiting to exhale? Do you want to let go of the fear, shame, doubt, or grief that keep you from finding love and letting it in? Join us as we dare to explore and start to break down the things that keep us from enjoying a fulfilling, lasting relationship with another man. Together, we shall unlock our minds and hearts and allow ourselves to love and to be loved.

This cafe is intended to be experiential, experimental, and inspirational.  We will endeavor to have fun, of course, but at the same time have a chance to look deeply into our own patterns of thinking and behavior.  We will attempt to uncover stories and wounds that remain unaddressed, and keep us from living a happy life.

We’ll have an opportunity to talk about sex, dating, eroticism, intimacy, exclusivity, open relationships, trust, balance, passion, magic, spark, and anything that we feel is related and important as we converse. Our discussions shall be open and conversational.

It is in the spirit of daring to be one’s authentic self – whole, creative, and deserving of a life full of joyous moments – that we endeavor to create a self-empowering mindset, to care for oneself, to love oneself, believing that it is a great platform on which to build a loving and fulfilling relationship with another.