Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Call for Expression of Interest: Contractors for LoveYourself Anglo and UNI

TLY 3S EOI #05 Call for Expression of Interest 

Project: Construction of HIV Testing Hubs in Mandaluyong and Pasig Cities.

Loveyourself, Inc. in partnership with Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI) are in the process of developing and constructing clinics for HIV testing and prevention under the 3S Project at two locations; one in Mandaluyong City, and one in Pasig City.

PAFPI, on behalf of Loveyourself, Inc. hereby request for expression of interest from eligible and competent contractors to submit pre-qualification information for construction / refurbishment of two clinics at Mandaluyong City and Pasig City, which includes the following major components:

a.                  Make measurements of the rented space for the clinics
b.                  Design effective floor plan for efficient clinic operation
c.                   Construction of the space and interior finishing
d.                  Refurbishment and installation of fixture (air-con, etc.)
e.                  Electrical Installations.

All companies that wish to participate in the process are encouraged to submit an expression of interest (EOI) letter via email to and (cc: on or before May 10, 2014, addressed to Mr. Ronivin Pagtakhan, Executive Director, Loveyourself.

The information provided will be used to access your company suitability to qualify for invitation to participate in the future procurement process for the services mentioned above. Interested applicants must provide the following documents:

·     Legal registration of the company and all statutory registration with required government agencies.
·     Full corporate profile of the company showing their detailed experience on similar assignment especially on irrigation scheme
·     Evidence of similar assignment implemented in the last 3 years especially relating to construction/refurbishment – Evidence can be contracts, Job completion certification, reference letter e.t.c
·     Other relevant supporting documents.

The closing date for submitting a complete pre-qualification application form and the supporting document is 10 May 2014 12.00 m.n.

As part of the prequalification process, Loveyourself, Inc. at discretion may visit the office location of the contractors to further access the capacity of the companies.

All submission received after the deadline shall be rejected.

The Loveyourself, Inc shall contact ONLY companies that meet its requirement of the services as advertised and ONLY those companies shall be invited to participate in the subsequent procurement process.

We thank you for your interest in doing business with us.

Admin / Finance Officer
Loveyourself, Inc.

Monday, April 28, 2014

LoveYourself Cafe: Dating Dudes (Olongapo Edition)

The Love Yourself Cafe presents...

Are you still waiting to exhale? Do you want to let go of the fear, shame, doubt, or grief that keep you from finding love and letting it in? Join us as we dare to explore and start to break down the things that keep us from enjoying a fulfilling, lasting relationship with another man. Together, we shall unlock our minds and hearts and allow ourselves to love and to be loved.

This cafe is intended to be experiential, experimental, and inspirational.  We will endeavor to have fun, of course, but at the same time have a chance to look deeply into our own patterns of thinking and behavior.  We will attempt to uncover stories and wounds that remain unaddressed, and keep us from living a happy life.

We’ll have an opportunity to talk about sex, dating, eroticism, intimacy, exclusivity, open relationships, trust, balance, passion, magic, spark, and anything that we feel is related and important as we converse. Our discussions shall be open and conversational.

It is in the spirit of daring to be one’s authentic self – whole, creative, and deserving of a life full of joyous moments – that we endeavor to create a self-empowering mindset, to care for oneself, to love oneself, believing that it is a great platform on which to build a loving and fulfilling relationship with another.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Most Discreet and Premium HIV Testing Service

LOVEYOURSELF PLATINUM - the most discreet and premium HIV testing service in the country today.
Happening on May 15 & 29 (Thursdays) | 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM only.

Limited slots. Book your appointment today

Who deserves LoveYourself Platinum?

This is perfect for people who do not want to be seen taking their HIV test in a center, clinic or hospital. Everything is mindfully prepared to run smoothly for the most discreet and delicate clients.

What is the difference when you come for Platinum?

Testing happens somewhere along Shaw Blvd in Mandaluyong City. When you register, a coordinator will closely and confidentially communicate the details of your appointment with you, including the exact location and address.

During your appointment, you arrive and a private room is reserved for you -- where you will meet your counselor, and a medical technologist who will do the test for you. You receive the results within 2 hours, also in the privacy of your own counseling room.

Need to know more? Click here:

What do past clients say about Platinum? Click here:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Job Opportunities

Love Yourself is currently implementing a specially-funded program that started in April 2014, and to execute this, we are looking for the following project-based employees:

  • Clinic Manager 
  • Administration and Finance Assistant
  • Nurses
  • Medical Technologists
The project duration will be for 12 months starting on July 1, 2014. Below are the qualifications for each job opening.

Perform administrative and other tasks to make sure the clinic is operating smoothly.. (More details of the job duties and candidate requirements can be found here.) 

The assistant shall assist the program team in the development and/or implementation of administrative and financial process for the program... (More details of the job duties and candidate requirements can be found here.) 

Prepares all consultation rooms; checks for the completeness of supplies needed; ensures the cleanliness and orderliness of the consultation areas... (More details of the job duties and candidate requirements can be found here.)

Preparing samples of body tissues... (More details of the job duties and candidate requirements can be found here.)

    • Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an expression of interest (EOI) letter and updated CV/resume (with list of character references), via email to and (cc: on or before June 21, 2014, addressed to Mr. Ronivin Pagtakhan, President/CEO, Love Yourself. Kindly mention in the subject line of your email the position you are applying for.
Candidate screening will be facilitated and the most qualified applicant will be contracted by Love Yourself.  Please take note that this is for immediate hiring to be based in Metro Manila, and contract period is for 12 months from July 1, 2014 .

Monday, April 07, 2014

Call for Proposals: Advocacy Grant for HIV, SOGIE, and Human Rights


Expression of Interest No. : EOI No. TLY-05
Date Issued : March 24, 2014 (Monday) 
Closing Date and Time : April 20, 2014 (Sunday); 5:00 PM

Subject : Call for Proposals – CBO Advocacy Grant Support 
E-mail Address : (cc:


In 2010, to address the increased vulnerability of men having sex with men (MSM) as well as transgenders (TG) to HIV transmission, especially in the context of South East Asia, the Insular Southeast Asian Network on MSM, TG, and HIV (ISEAN) and the Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries (Hivos), jointly submitted a regional proposal to the Global Fund Round 10. The grant agreement was approved and the contract for the grant was signed on October 6, 2011. This grant, has since then been called, the ISEAN-Hivos Program.
For more information about IHP, visit:

About the Advocacy Grant:

One of the major strategies of the program during Phase I was to provide support for MSM and TGs CBOs through a granting of initial funding for engagement and project/activities implementation. The CBO Support Grant successfully provided eleven (11) CBOs with grants. These grants were used for the CBOs’ organizational development and engagements with local stakeholders in the HIV response.
As the epidemic continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, there is a bigger need for community-led advocacy initiatives. Therefore, there will be three rounds of grants for the three-year duration of Phase II that will focus on funding innovative advocacy projects/activities. 

This grant mechanism is called, “Advocacy Grant for HIV, SOGIE and Human Rights.”

The Advocacy Grant’s themes are: 
1) advocacy, 2) demand generation, and 3) equity. 

It also has the following objectives:
1. Provide equitable funding opportunities for various MSM and TG CBOs, including hard-to-reach subpopulations; and,
2. Implement game-changing advocacy projects/activities in the HIV response, SOGIE advocacy and Human Rights.

For the first round, a total of six (6) grants will be given to successful CBOs. All IHP P2’s sub sub-recipients will handle two (2) grants each.

Eligible CBOs:
MSM and TG CBOs that are/have:
1. Registered or government accredited (i.e. SEC, DSWD, LGU) as non-profit organizations implementing programs/projects/activities that address the issues and concerns of males having sex with males, transgenders and HIV; 
2. Existing organizational bank account; and,
3. Established accounting system;
CBOs that do not meet requirements #2 and/or #3 shall be required to look for a conduit that would meet these requirements.
Requirements for Proposal:
All applicants should submit the following requirements (The proposal should not exceed to 3 to 5 pages using Arial font size 11):
a) Cover letter/Letter of Intent explaining how the proposed activity would meet the grant objectives
b) Proposal/concept note should contain the following:
    • Title of the Project
    • Implementing Organization / Contact Person / Address
    • Rationale / Background of the Grant-supported Activity
    • Objectives
    • Key Activities / Expected output
    • Budget (include counterpart contributions)
    • Activity workplan using the IHP template (to be provided by IHP Staff)

c) Organizational Profile (i.e. VMG, history, list of activities implemented, names of board members, officers and staff)
d) Certified True Copy of Registration/Accreditation Certificates (SEC, BIR, etc.)
e) List of local partners (i.e. government, NGOs and private)
f) Two letters of recommendation from local partners (scanned)
g) Certification of NO legal or administrative case pending in court against the CBOs and its key officers (IHP format)
h) Financial report of the previous year signed by the Chair and the Treasurer

Allowable Activities:
a. Demand-generation events (e.g. AIDS Candlelight Memorial [ACM], World AIDS Day [WAD] activities)
b. Advocacy Fora (e.g. multi-stakeholders meeting, dialogue with local policy-makers)
c. Evidence-building (e.g. documentation of SOGIE and HIV-related human rights violations, etc.)
Project Duration and Allowable Support:
The project should be completed in four months (May to August 2014 ONLY). 
Each CBO may only be awarded one (1) grant per annual grant cycle. CBOs may submit up to two (2) proposals.
The maximum grant for each successful applicant is 100,000 PHP.

Submission Procedure:
Interested applicants should submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) Cover Letter, together with the all required documents via email to (cc: on or before 5:00 PM on April 20, 2014 (Sunday), addressed to Mr. Ronivin Pagtakhan, Executive Director of Love Yourself, Inc.

Technical review of all applications and approval will be done by the review team of the IHP-Philippines. All approved applications will be made known through official communication. Approved grants of CBOs will be contracted by Love Yourself, Inc.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

What to Do After Being Diagnosed As HIV-Positive

HIV Care and Support Groups

If you've just found out that you're HIV-positive, you may feel many overwhelming emotions--fear, confusion, disbelief, anger,...--but one feeling that is sure to come is this: the feeling of being alone. Know that you are not alone. Many people in the Philippines are now living healthy, productive lives, and they are like you: a person living with HIV. 
Remember that being HIV-positive is not the virtual death sentence it once was. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), yes, but being HIV-positive does not necessarily mean that you already have AIDS. With a healthy lifestyle and the right medical care, many HIV-positive people are living long, productive lives, without AIDS.
You are considered HIV-positive once you receive your confirmatory results, which in the Philippines, come from a central laboratory (NRL-SLH SACCL, or National Reference Laboratory San Lazaro Hospital STD AIDS Cooperative Center Laboratory). The next step after confirming your status is to go for Baseline Testing, so as to assess the current status of your health, specifically your immune system.

Here below is an infographic showing an easy, breezy way of going for your Baseline Tests at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (AIDS Research Group) in Alabang, one of the 3 public HIV treatment hubs in Metro Manila.

For the high-resolution PDF version: DOWNLOAD HERE

Credit for the infographic: Raymond del Rosario

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