Sunday, July 07, 2013

Vote for Erimar as the People’s Choice for Mr. Gay World 2013

UPDATE: As of 17 July 2013, Erimar has taken the #1 rank on the People's Choice Award for Mr Gay World 2013. Keep on voting everyday so he can keep the lead and we can help LoveYourself Anglo win USD500!

LoveYourself invites everyone to vote for Erimar Ortigas to become the People’s Choice in Mr. Gay World 2013 and help the advocacy build a new free HIV testing hub. 

Erimar will be the country’s representative to the Mr. Gay World 2013 competition to be held in Antwerp, Belgium. Erimar is hoping to make it a back-to-back Filipino win. Last year, the Philippine’s Carlito Floro Rosadino won the People's Choice Award 2012.

Charity Prize

The competition is currently holding a People’s Choice online voting contest whose winner will earn $500 for his chosen charity. 

Should he win, Erimar has chosen LoveYourself to receive the charity cash prize. This amount will go a long way for the advocacy to provide free HIV testing and counseling services in the Philippines. 

“It is important that we know our HIV status. Having knowledge about AIDS and HIV could be the first step to saving lives,” said Erimar on why he chose LoveYourself.

The $500 cash prize will specifically help build LoveYourself Anglo, its second free HIV testing hub soon to rise along Shaw Boulevard near Ortigas Center,  in addition to its founding hub located in Malate.

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About Erimar

Erimar is a 29-year-old operations leader and communications manager for a business process outsourcing or BPO firm. Erimar is an out-and-proud and caring older brother and likes to unwind during the weekends by engaging in sports like swimming, bowling or billiards.

He has also gotten into the gym to help tone his body in preparation for the Mr. Gay World 2013 competition. "I now regularly go to the gym to stay fit and healthy."

Erimar is also an active supporter of gay causes, not only of LoveYourself but also of Home for the Golden Gays. He said his involvement has been steadily growing as he becomes a more prominent figure that represents the LGBT community.

"It has been a wonderful experience joining Mr. Gay World because I learned to become more confident. Involving myself in LGBT projects makes me happier."

Erimar believes that gay men have an equal shot at happiness like married couples, but it takes patience and mutual respect for one's partner to make relationships work.

"I believe the secret to a loving and lasting relationship is being contented. We should learn to accept our differences."

Erimar admits to being quite the romantic. He serenades his partners with touching gestures, like preparing memorable dates that sweep his dates off their feet.

"A date for me should be unique, fun, romantic, memorable but inexpensive. So I would bring that special someone to Intramuros, Manila wherein we could ride a kalesa together and walk together in the park. And of course, I want to prepare my special version of a candlelit dinner."

For those who see him as a role model of a hardworking and respectable gay man who is proud of his sexuality, Erimar said that confidence starts with accepting and loving yourself.

"I would like to tell the young gay Filipinos that they should learn to love themselves. I learned to love myself and my unique qualities, including being gay. We have so much to offer in this world."

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Show your support

Individuals can vote once per day. Voters will not only help support Erimar and his chosen advocacy, they also stand a chance to win $200, subject to the contest’s eligibility conditionsVoting ends on midnight GMT, August 3, 2013 so make sure to vote daily. 

Check back on this page for Erimar’s current rankings.