Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sebastian Castro holds auction for LoveYourself Anglo

YouTube phenom and safe sex advocate Sebastian Castro is auctioning off his original paintings and signed shoe collection.

Part of the auction proceeds will go to funding LoveYourself Anglo, a new community center set to rise along Shaw Boulevard in Ortigas.

Painting Auctions

Sebastian, who studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, will be accepting bids for nine paintings he made for his Bubble Exhibit until July 16.

Pieces include the racy three-piece self-portrait nude series "I Like Your Bubble" (all 30" x 40", soft pastel on illustration board). 

The rest of the paintings depict everyday Filipinos, from the emaciated kid we see sleeping on the streets in "It's Not His Fault" to commuting adults in "Sacrifice."

Sneaker Auctions 

Sebastian is also putting up for auction four pairs of BUBBLE shoes he created in collaboration with NJ Sneakers. All pairs bear a one-of-a-kind design, hand-painted on white canvas slip-ons and personally signed by Sebastian. Three pairs are in men's size 10 and one size 8.

The bubble theme prevalent in both Sebastian’s self-portraits and shoe designs stem from his viral YouTube song, “Bubble”, which has garnered over a million views combined from his official channel and other repostings just four months after release.

On Placing Bids

No minimum bids required for both paintings and shoes. Bids can be placed in the comment box of his Facebook page at, or sent to Dennis T. Sebastian at Bids need to include the bidder's full name, bid amount and contact particulars.

Sebastian and LoveYourself

Sebastian had previously helped LoveYourself by starring in the advocacy’s safe sex instructional video, “Fly Love Yourself: How to Have Sex and Avoid HIV.”

With this latest auction, he will help build LoveYourself Anglo, a shining new free HIV testing hub that will widen the advocacy’s reach among Filipinos, particularly men who have sex with men.