Friday, July 12, 2013

I AM #CREATIVE -- the LoveYourself Pride Promo

UPDATE/ERRATUM: We have revised the submission process of entries since we discovered that tagging the LoveYourself page was not simple. Submission of entries will now be via private message to the LoveYourself Facebook page. See revised mechanics below for details. 

At Love Yourself, we celebrate life everyday. Every member mirrors each other -- optimistic amidst challenges, hopeful when all else seems gray, and driven despite limitations. 

Why? Because we love ourselves.
Come celebrate one's value with us.

There are three ways to join:
  1. WRITE A POST: In 140 characters (2-3 sentences) or less, tell us how you value yourself with the following hashtags:
    i am #worthy, i am #light, or i am #love. One hashtag is good enough, but don’t forget the URL:<hashtag word>
  2. SHOOT A PHOTO: Images, just like words, are powerful. Let others get inspiration from your images. Caption your photo with a short (but sweet) message and put a hashtag and URL: i am #worthy, i am #light, or i am #love
  3. EDIT A VIDEO: You can also grab your Vine or Instagram and create your best video. Be sure to work around these hastags and URLs:  i am #worthy, i am #light ,or i am #love

Discover the power of validating one's worth and win eyewear from Sprinto ™ !

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1. Participants must be at least 13 years old, and currently residing in the Philippines.

2. To join, participants need to create either of the following:
           a) A written post in 140 characters or less (2-3 sentences) 
           b) A photo with a headline/statement
           c) A video
     All entries need to use at least one of the following hashtags: i am # worthy, i am #light, or i am #love.
     Entries must include this URL:<hashtag word>, 

3. Contestants may submit more than one entry, but may only win one prize, which means no one contestant may receive two or more prizes.

4.  Submission of entries: Send a private message (PM) to the LoveYourself Facebook page ( and attach the URL link of your submission, regardless of which social network it was posted. Entries that have been explicitly submitted to LoveYourself will be prioritized. LoveYourself reserves the right to monitor different social spaces and include entries which may not have been explicitly submitted. 

5. Deadline for submission is August 02, 2013. Entries submitted beyond the submission phase will not be considered.

6. Eligibility of entries for Finalist selection:
           Must have the required hashtag stated above
           Must include the URL specified
           Entry must have a general positive tone and message
           Submitted entry included participant's full name and contact information 
              (email or Facebook/Twitter URL)
           Contestants must have full rights to the content used in the entries.

7. All Finalist entries be posted on the Love Yourself Facebook page:

8. Owners of Finalist entries are highly encouraged to like, share and tag their entries from Love Yourself’s Facebook account and share it in all their social media accounts

9. Engagement period for the finalists is until August 31, 2013. Winners will be announced within September 2013 on our Facebook page and website.

10. Winners will be contacted by e-mail or Facebook for details on how to claim their prizes

11. Criteria for Winners:
          60% - Brand Fit
          40% - Votes

12. Prizes: Three (3) winners will be chosen among the Finalists. Each winner will receive one (1) piece of eyewear from Sprinto

13. Claiming of prizes: Winners must claim their prize at the LoveYourself Admin at:
               LoveYourself Inc Admin
               ACLI office
               22/F, Tower 1, The Enterprise Center
               6766 Ayala Avenue
               Makati City

Winners must present a valid government issued ID as proof of identity. Winners will be photographed together with their prize when claiming. For winners who cannot claim their prize in Makati because of residence outside of Metro Manila, the prize will be sent by courier to the winner. ID verification will be required for delivery.

14. Prizes not claimed within sixty (60) days from announcement of winners will be forfeited.

15. LoveYourself reserves the right to use the finalist entries for future marketing efforts for LoveYourself.

16. LoveYourself reserves the right to make adjustments to this set of mechanics as needed. All decisions made by LoveYourself are final.