Thursday, June 27, 2013

On Increasing Positives: LoveYourself Celebrates the Community Pride in You

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June is the month when everyone is out and waving the rainbow flag—the symbol of the LGBT movement which long fought, and continues to fight, for social equality and human rights.

LoveYourself, an organization for the youth and LGBT-MSM, celebrates with the community by launching Project WORTHY: a campaign that is based on the Happy Approach—its own signature for achieving the organization’s goals—embodied using the hashtags: #light, #love, and #worthy.

The campaign starts as Pride month celebrations culminate, and will continue to build momentum as we welcome two important milestones for the organization: (i) the LoveYourself 2nd anniversary this July, and (ii) LoveYourself Anglo, a new community center on the rise. Both momentous events show the dedication and growth that LoveYourself has been achieving in its advocacy for HIV awareness and prevention in the Philippines.

While it could still be a long and difficult path towards achieving an HIV-free Philippines, LoveYourself chooses to highlight the beautiful and positive side of the issue: the community and [You] the person.

i am #light

Self-awareness is an integral part of unraveling the real you. Life takes on more meaning when it makes sense to you, so make it a point to know what and who you value most.
Dare to embrace yourself. Find out things about yourself and others that you can appreciate.

While it may not be easy to determine what we really want, it is not too difficult to identify things we don’t. It is for this reason that LoveYourself seeks to empower and help people realize their own self-worth, especially when they are at rock bottom in their lives. In the fight against HIV, when people are weak and vulnerable because of frustrations in life, they might just give in to something they don’t want in the first place—engaging in risky sexual behavior.

Knowing that you are worthy means that even in the darkest moments of life, you can find the light within, for self-preservation.

i am #love

Love is often a big word to describe, but in LoveYourself, it is Care.

Tending to others’ needs is not an easy commitment. We started from a small group of friends with a common goal of responding to the growing concerns about the spread of HIV. With love in mind, we continue to harness the positive power of each person’s natural well-being, and treat this blessing as the main driving force to care for another. This kind of pay-it-forward attitude has attracted more people to join the cause, triggering a ripple effect that multiplies LoveYourself’s capacity to help and care for even more people.

To give homage to its humble beginnings, we tag the anniversary celebrations of LoveYourself as “Circle of Love”. As we go back to the original circle of friends who established LoveYourself, we move on to create infinitely more circles of friendship and love, and we hope to reach you too, soon!

i am #worthy

We in LoveYourself believe that to celebrate is to rejoice with others, and join together to build a community where no one is left behind. Everyone uses the power of their own positive outlook to uplift others. To Share is our passion.

Part of helping others feel worthy about themselves is to actually reach out to those who are in need. LoveYourself Anglo does just that. With your help, we can make this dream into a reality, bringing LoveYourself to the heart of Metro Manila to continue providing a safe and affirming place for everyone. 

It is our wish to help everyone face their fears. HIV has been shrouded with stigma for far too long, and we want to be a venue where open dialogue is the culture. People opening up about sexuality and issues on HIV will eventually lead them to decisions which give them more security and self-worth. 

Do you know your HIV status? Are you open to behavioral change? Let us share experiences with each other!