Thursday, June 27, 2013

On Increasing Positives: LoveYourself Celebrates the Community Pride in You

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June is the month when everyone is out and waving the rainbow flag—the symbol of the LGBT movement which long fought, and continues to fight, for social equality and human rights.

LoveYourself, an organization for the youth and LGBT-MSM, celebrates with the community by launching Project WORTHY: a campaign that is based on the Happy Approach—its own signature for achieving the organization’s goals—embodied using the hashtags: #light, #love, and #worthy.

The campaign starts as Pride month celebrations culminate, and will continue to build momentum as we welcome two important milestones for the organization: (i) the LoveYourself 2nd anniversary this July, and (ii) LoveYourself Anglo, a new community center on the rise. Both momentous events show the dedication and growth that LoveYourself has been achieving in its advocacy for HIV awareness and prevention in the Philippines.

While it could still be a long and difficult path towards achieving an HIV-free Philippines, LoveYourself chooses to highlight the beautiful and positive side of the issue: the community and [You] the person.

i am #light

Self-awareness is an integral part of unraveling the real you. Life takes on more meaning when it makes sense to you, so make it a point to know what and who you value most.
Dare to embrace yourself. Find out things about yourself and others that you can appreciate.

While it may not be easy to determine what we really want, it is not too difficult to identify things we don’t. It is for this reason that LoveYourself seeks to empower and help people realize their own self-worth, especially when they are at rock bottom in their lives. In the fight against HIV, when people are weak and vulnerable because of frustrations in life, they might just give in to something they don’t want in the first place—engaging in risky sexual behavior.

Knowing that you are worthy means that even in the darkest moments of life, you can find the light within, for self-preservation.

i am #love

Love is often a big word to describe, but in LoveYourself, it is Care.

Tending to others’ needs is not an easy commitment. We started from a small group of friends with a common goal of responding to the growing concerns about the spread of HIV. With love in mind, we continue to harness the positive power of each person’s natural well-being, and treat this blessing as the main driving force to care for another. This kind of pay-it-forward attitude has attracted more people to join the cause, triggering a ripple effect that multiplies LoveYourself’s capacity to help and care for even more people.

To give homage to its humble beginnings, we tag the anniversary celebrations of LoveYourself as “Circle of Love”. As we go back to the original circle of friends who established LoveYourself, we move on to create infinitely more circles of friendship and love, and we hope to reach you too, soon!

i am #worthy

We in LoveYourself believe that to celebrate is to rejoice with others, and join together to build a community where no one is left behind. Everyone uses the power of their own positive outlook to uplift others. To Share is our passion.

Part of helping others feel worthy about themselves is to actually reach out to those who are in need. LoveYourself Anglo does just that. With your help, we can make this dream into a reality, bringing LoveYourself to the heart of Metro Manila to continue providing a safe and affirming place for everyone. 

It is our wish to help everyone face their fears. HIV has been shrouded with stigma for far too long, and we want to be a venue where open dialogue is the culture. People opening up about sexuality and issues on HIV will eventually lead them to decisions which give them more security and self-worth. 

Do you know your HIV status? Are you open to behavioral change? Let us share experiences with each other!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lichauco Designs Anglo: client confidentiality drives architecture

Client confidentiality remains at the forefront of the architectural design for the soon-to-rise LoveYourself Anglo on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong.
Renowned architect Dan Lichauco, together with his team at the Archion Achitects, has ensured that those who will undergo HIV screening at the new center will be accorded the privacy due them.
As Lichauco puts it, paramount to the clients’ need for counseling and testing is the guarantee that the procedure shall remain confidential.
Along with this, he also puts forth that LoveYourself Anglo will stay true in fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone who ventures into its confines.
Those requisites for spatial design may be more challenging than usual but not for Lichauco, whose architectural works include major hospital projects like The Medical City, The Asian Hospital and Medical Center, and Ospital ng Makati.

“Since we do a lot of healthcare projects, we felt that we could share our learning and experience in helping the community,” Lichauco said.

The layout for LoveYourself Anglo showcases both a public and a private space that shall cater to specific processes of the HIV screening.

Six counseling rooms and a doctor’s exam room are also slated to open in the new Hub.
Lichauco explains that the Love Yourself Anglo design is consistent with his previous projects where considerations involve process flows for healthcare and steering clear of medical cross contamination.
Like the architect, LoveYourself aims to see the fruition of a new Hub that will open its doors to the growing audience of the organization.
But this will not be possible without your help. To know how you can contribute to this project, click on the red button below.
Every help we get along the way will be much appreciated.

I want to make a pledge for LoveYourself Anglo >>

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Love Yourself ANGLO: With your help, a new community center will rise

One out of seven countries in the world with a rising number of new HIV infections, the Philippines is in dire need of help. We in Love Yourself, a community-driven group, are determined to address this concern head-on. Everyone in Love Yourself is a volunteer. We do this because we care. 

In partnership with RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine), LoveYourself has been able to reach thousands of MSMs (men who have sex with men) via the LoveYourself Hub. Located in Malate Manila, one of the favorite hangouts of MSMs in the metro, the LoveYourself Hub is an RITM satellite clinic and a LoveYourself community center. Riding off this successful partnership, LoveYourself hopes to ramp up its efforts and position itself to better handle the exponential increase in clients

Enter LoveYourself ANGLOLocated at the heart of Metro Manila, and near the up and coming gay vortex of Ortigas and Mandaluyong, LoveYourself ANGLO will be a community center that will be providing a much needed safe and affirming place for the MSM community. It will be a counseling and education space, an HIV clinic and a space to meet and converge. It will be a community center where one can be free of the stigma of one’s sexuality and HIV status


LoveYourself ANGLO will feature six (6) counseling rooms, a lab, a doctor’s room and a multi-purpose hall. Its innovative modular design will allow for great functionality to adapt to the needs of the community. With your help we can achieve this long overdue dream.

Our target is to raise at least 35,000 USD to help renovate the space. Every little bit counts and no donation is too small.

Find out how you can donate to help make this project a reality.

Friday, June 07, 2013

LoveYourself Platinum: What Happens during HIV testing?

LoveYourself Platinum
Book your appointment today:

Who deserves LoveYourself Platinum?
This is perfect for people who do not want to be seen taking their HIV test in a center, clinic or hospital. Everything is mindfully prepared and ensured to be smooth-flowing for the most discreet and delicate clients.

What is the difference when you come for Platinum? 
Platinum Testing takes place somewhere at a discreet but accessible location in Makati, Mandaluyong or Muntinlupa. When you register, a coordinator will closely and confidentially communicate with you regarding the details of your appointment, including the exact location and address. During your appointment, you arrive and a private room is reserved for you -- where you will meet your counselor, and a medical technologist who will do the test for you. You receive the results within 2 hours, also in the privacy of your own counseling room.

When is Platinum available/open?
Please refer to for upcoming schedules we open. Beyond these designated dates and times, we are not yet able to accommodate other visits.

Why are there only limited slots for booking? Can I do a tentative booking?
To maintain the quality of service, we limit the number of scheduled bookings for each day. Once you have a confirmed booking, we expect you to show up. Should you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before your schedule so that we can accommodate others instead.

How long will the whole process take?
When you arrive in the venue, expect to spend around 30 minutes or a bit more for pre-test counseling and blood extraction. You will then be requested to leave the premises while waiting for your results, which could take from 30 minutes to 2 hours max. Once your results are ready, you will be asked to come back and discuss your results with your counselor.
Please note that we will require you to receive your results on the same day. Booking priority will be given to those who can allot sufficient time for the whole process.

Is there a fee or is it for free?
To support this Platinum quality service, we will appreciate voluntary donation (standard donation is P550 and above) for each client. The donations fund the special logistical requirements needed for us to sustain this offering.

Where do I start?
To set appointment, register via this link: -- someone will contact you to confirm your appointment, and you'll be all set. Your information will be handled with strictest confidentiality.

What actually happens during HIV testing?
Here's a short video that can give you a visual idea of how HIV testing happens.

You can also read what our other clients had to say about LoveYourself Platinum here.