Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Fly Love Yourself: How to Have Sex and Avoid HIV (feat.Sebastian Castro) [VIDEO]

Sebastian Castro, star of the phenomenal YouTube hit “Bubble,” talks about HIV in our new chic and cheeky instructional video entitled,"
Fly Love Yourself: How to Enjoy Sex and Avoid HIV."

What really is HIV? 
How can one stay healthy and HIV-free, 
while living a smart and scrumptious sexy life? 

This video departs from the clinical approach of talking about the basics of HIV/AIDS. Instead, similar to an airline's in-flight safety video,  Sebastian encourages men to “dare” to fly, shows them how to take “care” of themselves during flight, and encourages them to “share” the video with others.

Joining Sebastian is our budding screen couple, Carlito Rosadino Floro Jr. and Javi Bermejo, who also recently starred in Love Yourself's "Know Your Status" video for Hornet.

Watch this video, have some fun and sexy time, and share away:

Be informed. Be safe. Fly Love Yourself.

Get a free HIV test. Visit today.

Sebastian Castro
Carlito Rosadino Floro Jr.
Javi Bermejo
Ronnievinn Pagtakhan

Credits and Acknowledgements
Director: Jedd Rommel 
Cinematographer: Jedd Rommel 
Assistant Director: Antonio Payomo III
Producer: Anthony Liam 
Production Design: Joma Ragragio, Warren Alcazaren 
Lights: JR Sala II, Cinerent
Script Writer: Joel Macaventa
Editor and Motion Graphics: Don Yu and Pepot Atienza
Muscial Score: Brian Cua
Voiceover Talent: Anya Santos-Uy
Logo Design: Lord-Art Lomarda and Joma Ragragio
Hair and Make-up: Clarence Paul
Talent Coordinator: Paolo Xavier Co
Production Design Assistant: Nathaniel Villanueva
Propsmakers: Angel Cabatan, Mark Belardo and Friends
Drivers: Joey Lumibao and Domingo Mumar

Ronnievinn Pagtakhan 
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