Sunday, January 27, 2013

Makati SEB: HIV prevention program held at MediCard Lifestyle Center

A LARGE turnout of young men attended the HIV Prevention program held at the MediCard Lifestyle Center organized by The Love Yourself Inc, a non-profit organization that aims to help prevent the spread of HIV through awareness, counselling and education.
During the event, a seminar led by experts on the disease along with group discussions were held and resulted in getting nearly 200 men to avail of the free test.
Through the tireless efforts of the core group, they were able to gain the support of the Makati City Health Department and Department of Health-Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (DOH-RITM). Both agencies provided the medical manpower to administer the free test and conduct educational seminars regarding HIV at the MediCard Lifestyle Center.
 “MediCard Philippines is proud to be part of this noble endeavour by providing a venue for volunteer organizations such as Love Yourself that helps create a healthier nation through education.” says Dr. Nicky D. Montoya, president and CEO of MediCard Philippines.
When the organization started out the government immediately took notice how they easily mobilized people to act. Since then, this group of friends has worked together regularly by organizing similar events that raise awareness through education, free testing and counselling.
As the monthly reports counting the number HIV infections rise, the group is aware that this does not reduce the fear and stigma the disease brings. Despite this, Love Yourself continues to focus on educating the public now to increase awareness and prevention that will help minimize the impact of HIV on the population.