Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fastening Fragments, a workshop for those waiting to exhale.

('Cause when a heart breaks, no it don't break even)

Relationships end for various reasons. But whatever those reasons are, sitting alone in a corner drowning in blame, rejection, and feeling sorry for oneself is not the answer. Nor is it about distracting oneself with tons of work, hoping that as long as one is busy and running around, the pain will disappear, the sorrow muted, and the heart splinters shall neatly be swept under the rug.

In this seminar-workshop, you will be challenged to face the reality of your break up by understanding the most important key to moving on - YOU! As a preparatory step towards the transformation and healing of a broken heart, this seminar-workshop shall explore questions about the self that could help you gain insights as to why you are the way you are in your relationships. We shall explore what you were truly looking for in your past relationships, why you seem to gravitate towards a specific kind of person, why you find it so difficult to move on, and why you cannot seem to let go of the pain. Remember, focusing externally on your ex, or on what he did or did not, surely isn't the answer. The answer is, and has always been, inside us.

So, whether you are in a current state of denial, anger, confusion or sadness, this seminar-workshop is for the grieving broken-hearted warrior who has the courage to meet his own shadows and embrace his inner monster. Be ready. Be brave. And transform that beast into a handsome prince.

Venue: A discreet venue in the Makati CBD
Workshop fee: 500 pesos
Facilitator: AJ Sagmit (Ph.D., cand.), professional counselor
Date: February 17, 2013, Sunday, 2:00 – 6:00 PM

Participants will be in a group of about 7 people only. This is to ensure that confidentiality and intimacy are maintained. Interested participants may pre-register at http://go.loveyourself.ph/fragments