Sunday, December 30, 2012

TLY CEBU: Loveyourself Orientation - First Run

The Loveyourself cebu team successfully conducted it's first Loveyourself Orientation yesterday afternoon at CENDET function room. 

A total of 17 people graced the said event. They went through the Loveyourself spirit module and HIV 101.

Its was indeed an afternoon of Fun and Learning. 

In all TLY events may it be Manila or Cebu, we can assure you that you might start a session in a room full of strangers but will end the session in a room full of Friends. 

We will be conducting similar orientation in the future. 
If you are interested to join us and you are in Cebu, can reach us through the following medias: 

SMS: 09227201400
Message us on our FB page.

Looking forward to seeing you in the next run!