Thursday, December 06, 2012

Loveyourself Cebu: The WAD Effect

iSupport World AIDS Day (#iSupportWAD)
First and foremost, we would like to say our biggest THANK YOU to everyone who supported iSupport for World AIDS Day (WAD).

You guys have no idea how huge and strong your impact was to everyone. Your simple way of changing your profile photos to iSupport Poster on both your Facebook and Twitter accounts and joining our Tweetfest using the hash-tag #iSupportWAD were extremely helpful in educating our online friends. (You may refer to the link here for the iSupport Poster and the TweetFest).

In addition, we would like to share some photos during the World AIDS Day Parade in Cebu.
See how cute our banner!
The Love Yourself Cebu Team
We assure you that this is just the start of a whole new adventure in our continued fight against HIV/AIDS and the stigma that goes along with it. We can't wait for our lined-up events for Christmas and for the year 2013 -- events that you have never experienced before!

We look forward to your continued participation in our future events.

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 Thank you,
 The Love Yourself Cebu Team