Monday, November 19, 2012

Loveyourself #TweetFest

Hi guys this is Vinn :) the #twitternurse!

Join Loveyourself's first ever Twitfest on November 22, 2012! (from 12nn to 12mm)

Let's Do Tweet'n Fun!


1. Twit your sexiest, funiest, kinkiest, and most erotic safer sex experience, fantasy, or tips.
2. Use the hashtags #SaferSexTips 
3. Examples:

a. Slowly run your lips on the side of the shaft, and flick your tongue around the head. #SaferSexTips for an #HIVfree Philippines!
b. Ipit-ipit between the thighs, don't forget to lubricate! #SaferSexTips
c. Babala: magkapote, may tae #SaferSexTips for an #HIVfree Philippines!

3. Official start of the twitfest is Nov. 22, 12:00 NOON, ends same day at 12:00 MIDNIGHT

4. The TLY officers shall choose the top 3 best tweets and will be awarded exclusive TLY kinky gifts *wink*

Winners will be announced on Nov. 23, 9:00 pm.


What are you waiting for? 

Share it to your friends!

let's have the sweetest, most exciting twitfest ever!

#darecareshare #loveyourself