Monday, June 25, 2012

Love Yourself Hub Set To Open on July 8 (v 1.1)


The Love Yourself Hub shall embrace the ideals set forth by its parent organization – the Love Yourself Project by reaching out to the community it serves by propagating ideas and practices that encourage loving one's self -- to DARE to be oneself, to CARE for oneself, and to SHARE oneself as a way to multiplying joy.

The Love Yourself Project is the brainchild of Twitter Shorty Awards Nurse of the Year Awardee, Ronivin (Vinn) Garcia Pagtakhan. He was joined by friends who were inspired by the increasing demand and queries by the Youth & LGBT-MSM through social media such as Twitter on STI, HIV, sexuality and gender.

Over a period of one year, The Love Yourself Project exponentially grew through social networking. With the able support of a core group of concerned and socially aware youth & LGBT-MSM professionals and supporters with diverse ideas and preferences, the membership has now grown to almost 100 educators and counselors, and over 500 volunteers nationwide from all sectors of society.