Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How do i love thee - Ian Felix Alquiros

the photoartist behind the forthcoming exhibit

A fund-raising exhibit featuring the works of noted photo-artist Ian Felix Alquiros will open on July 8, 2012 --- 6 p.m. at The Love Yourself Hub located at 1850 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila (at the back of PWU).

The theme of “How Do I Love Thee” focuses on the ideals of The Love Yourself Project by propagating ideas and practices that encourage loving one's self -- to DARE to be oneself, to CARE for oneself, and to SHARE oneself as a way to multiplying joy.

The photographs, which were shot mostly in black and white, will focus on the male torso.

Ian Felix Alquiros worked for almost 10 years in the call center industry before shifting to photography. “It has taken its toll on my lifestyle --- losing the creative and artistic side of my life that has always been a source of contentment and joy. So, I decided to learn photography - as a hobby - to spend my leisure time creatively.”

Ian studied basic photography at the Federation of Philippine Photographer’s Foundation (FPPF) and took up Studio Lighting Classes at Alcove Perspective at the Filipinas Heritage Library. Most recently, he also attended Video Production Classes at the UP Film Institute as a prelude to diversify his portfolio for future projects in video and filmmaking.

It is interesting to note that Ian’s inspirations in creating still images are filmmakers Lino Brocka and Wong Kar Wai. “They are able to capture stories and drama through their moving images, I attempt to do the same with my photographs. Each attempt, for me, is a wonderful educational experience.”

“I am a great believer of constant learning, from the very basic and to the most advanced skills in photography. From there, I continually create my own style that would reflect my brand of work,” Ian noted.

In May 2010, Ian put up theROOM Photography and Event Studio in Panay Avenue, Quezon City.

Since his foray into the professional world of photography in 2007, Ian’s work has been labeled “ clean, sharp, sexy, cool, vivid, minimalist .”
“These words have been attributed to my works ever since I started photography in 2007. For the last five years, I have continuously generated a lot of online followers that is why I constantly update my portfolio.”

“How Do I Love Thee” will be open to the public from July 9 to August 5, Monday – Sunday. Exhibit hours: 1 - 6 PM.

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