Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Love Yourself Hub

Once upon a time, Ronnievinn had a dream. He envisioned a place for People Like Us, where one can drop and just let his guards down, trusting that the environment would embrace any person, all of that person, every bit of the person. He organized a group, later on called "Love Yourself," effectively cementing the profound yet universally relatable idea about self-love. It meant many things to many people, yet it was made concrete with the idea of a physical location where people can come, dare to be who they really are, care for themselves and others, and share each others joys and wonders.

In June, 2012, a year after the first inspiration came, we celebrate with unspeakable gratitude the opening of the Love Yourself Hub. It is the physical manifestation of a dream first thought of as crazy, but with the persevering hope of thousands who shared that dream, it will soon be a reality. As real as the walls and doors, floors and ceilings that represent its physicality, it actually is love made real and concrete.

The Love Yourself Hub is, first and foremost, a safe place for People Like Us. It will host various activities, catering to our many interests. It will be our tambayan, our home, our cozy little space of love and belongingness. Soon, we shall open it for anyone whose hearts beat perhaps in a different cadence than most, yet radiate the same intensity of love and caring for everyone.

The Love Yourself Hub. You are welcome here.