Tuesday, April 03, 2012

DARE: HIV Statistics Update

What do these numbers spell?

Size Estimates for Most At-Risk Polulation (MARP 2011)
MSM - Men having sex with Men
IDU - IV drug user (sharing of needles)
FSW - Freelance Sex workers
RFSW - Registered Freelance Sex workers
FFSW - Female Freelance Sex workers

New HIV Cases per Month 2009-2011 

 New HIV Cases January-February 2012 

Number of People, 15 years and Older, Needing Anti-Retroviral in the Philippines,


Number of new Adult HIV Infections in the Philippines, 

Number of People, 15 years and Older, Needing Anti-Retroviral in the Philippines,

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What we can get from the charts and tables are the following notes:

1) There is CLEARLY an epidemic
2) If we don't do something NOW, it WILL progress or even get worse than the projected numbers.
3) The more PLHIV we have, the more resources we will need for treatment, care and support. This will eventually deplete the government resources if we focus on just the ARV provision alone. We have to find ways and means to help without exhausting funds.
4) The government CAN'T and has no capacity to do this alone. They need OUR help. Resources include manpower, man-hours and most importantly PEOPLE WHO HAVE PASSION to drive the point across.

5) Prevention can be provided by community-based and Civic groups not just the DOH. Even non-health care personnel can do something to disseminate information and education,  thus, prevention.  HIV is not just a health concern, it hits across borders, it’s a health-politico-socio-civic issue.


Special Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Fontilla (PBSR/PSFI) for the interpretation