Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Care Divas are Back Onstage!

The Love Yourself supports showcasing the talents of our Lovers, in celebration of the 45 sterling years of theater production - both Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and Repertory Philippines teamed up for the very first time and bringing the wonderful transgender characters known as Care Divas. Be mesmerized by their wonderful music and graceful dance moves, most of all be amazed by their flamboyant costumes and very heartwarming story.

Care Divas is more than just for entertainment, as it conveys the deepest heart and soul of our OFWs, their sacrifices to help their families back home. Having transgenders as characters will be truly interesting, as the story would reveal that they are no different from any one of us...they have souls to live the dreams, and the heart to love beyond all means.

The Lovers recommends to watch CARE DIVAS  on April 27 (8:00PM), 28 & 29 (3:00PM & 8:00PM), 2012 


LOWER AND UPPER SIDE SEATS                           Php 800.00
BALCONY SEATS                                                              Php 600.00

Meanwhile on April 27 at 8:00 pm, part of the proceeds will go to The Black Pencil Project with the objective of buying school supplies to underprivileged kids of the Philippines.

For more details especially for company discounts, you may get in touch with Gay Balignasay call at 410-0822 loc 12 or call/text us at 0917-5183654/ 0932-7925728. Email at

For more details read HERE 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SHH: Free HIV testing on SUNDAY (April 29,2012)

Three hundred and thirteen (313) new HIV cases were reported for March 2012 alone.
 It's time to get tested! Know your status.


The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine [RITM] and Loveyourself Inc. brings you a FREE PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL HIV, Hepa-B, and Syphilis screening for men who like men on April 29, 2012 @ Queeriosity Palace, F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City.

This SUNDAY! Pre-register here:

Thank you for supporting PRE-LOVED

Loveyourself Inc. would like to thank everyone who went and sent donations for the Pre-loved benefit garage sale!
TLY Events Team would like to thank our sponsors:
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Trinidad
Mr. Paul Montinola & the Wondergirls
Mr. Lawrence Villegas
Dr. Jonathan Fontilla & Fontelle Shoes
Mr. Anthony Liam 
All of the Lovers who came

Special Thanks to:

The Re-Play Lounge

Photo's from the event:
Day 1

 Day 2

Welcome RITM-TLY Batch 2 & 3 Lovers

April 22, 2012 RITM-Loveyourself Batch 1,2 & 3 had their first General Assembly & briefing for the SHH event this coming Sunday, April 29, 2012. Spearheaded by Mr. Phillip Jay Tanpoco and MGG together with RITM's Dra. Ditangco, Tita Beth and staff

Welcome to the Loveyourself Family!

Friday, April 20, 2012

TV Patrol Feature: Lover Ernan Balingit

TV Patrol Feature: TLY Lover Ernan Balingit

For his genuine love and dedication for his mother and his advocacy!

Kudos Nan! Proud as Ever!

From your Loveyourself Family

CLICK here to WATCH 
(watch PART 4)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pre-LOVED: A Benefit Garage Sale

This Summer, LoveYourself Inc. invites you to ...

Pre-LOVED: A Benefit Garage Sale

                  What:     Pre-loved: A Benefit Garage Sale
           Where:   Replay Lounge Spa Compound, 35 West                   
                           Avenue Quezon City (formerly Playroom) 
            When:    April 21-22, 2012


Interested parties who want to donate or share items to be sold during the event and/or who wants to reserve pledged items:

Please register and/or reserve your pledged item through this LINK :

For list of pledged items and corresponding prices, check the bottom part of the pledge/reservation page

*Proceeds of the Benefit Garage Sale will go to the project funds of Loveyourself Inc.


Monday, April 09, 2012

Nessun Dorma


Director Jedd Rommel & Producer/Writer Ron Genato

Asia-Europe Short Film Contest Entry

Nessun Dorma

the contest involves popularity votes based on the number of Facebook LIKES


Tired of chasing Ken, Paul meets him one last time before leaving on a journey to Europe in search for a better place to dream and love. 

The film explores the love and relationship struggles of Asian gay men caused by social constraints. It describes their aspirations for Europe, where there is a culture of acceptance and open-mindedness, as well as support from governments in the form of legal same-sex partnerships.

Nessun Dorma is a famous aria from Puccini's opera "Turandot" that depicts an unknown prince's unrequited love to a beautiful but cold princess. In the film, the aria is used to mirror Paul's wailing for a love that cannot be fulfilled.

29th International AIDS Candle Light Memorial

Yoga for Life 
in partnership with 
Loveyourself Inc. 
Take the Test Project

invites you to the

29th International AIDS Candle Light Memorial

                                                                    Mark your Calendar!

                                                                           See you there!!!

Loveyourself supports John "Sweet" Lapuz' Moron 5

John "Sweet" Lapuz' 
is an advocate of

Lovers let's support him in his movie

Moron 5 and the Crying Lady

Now Showing in Cinemas Nationwide

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

GBGB underwear hits Manila


Watch out for the new Love Yourself merchandise coming soon!

by GBGB 

Summer is going to be HOT!

Video by Jedd Rommel
Models: John Mark, Martin Flores
Thanks to Von Arroyo & Frankie

DARE: HIV Statistics Update

What do these numbers spell?

Size Estimates for Most At-Risk Polulation (MARP 2011)
MSM - Men having sex with Men
IDU - IV drug user (sharing of needles)
FSW - Freelance Sex workers
RFSW - Registered Freelance Sex workers
FFSW - Female Freelance Sex workers

New HIV Cases per Month 2009-2011 

 New HIV Cases January-February 2012 

Number of People, 15 years and Older, Needing Anti-Retroviral in the Philippines,


Number of new Adult HIV Infections in the Philippines, 

Number of People, 15 years and Older, Needing Anti-Retroviral in the Philippines,

What are your thoughts?
We want to hear from you, please comment.

What we can get from the charts and tables are the following notes:

1) There is CLEARLY an epidemic
2) If we don't do something NOW, it WILL progress or even get worse than the projected numbers.
3) The more PLHIV we have, the more resources we will need for treatment, care and support. This will eventually deplete the government resources if we focus on just the ARV provision alone. We have to find ways and means to help without exhausting funds.
4) The government CAN'T and has no capacity to do this alone. They need OUR help. Resources include manpower, man-hours and most importantly PEOPLE WHO HAVE PASSION to drive the point across.

5) Prevention can be provided by community-based and Civic groups not just the DOH. Even non-health care personnel can do something to disseminate information and education,  thus, prevention.  HIV is not just a health concern, it hits across borders, it’s a health-politico-socio-civic issue.


Special Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Fontilla (PBSR/PSFI) for the interpretation