Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pre-LOVED: A Benefit Garage Sale

This Summer, LoveYourself Inc. invites you to ...

Pre-LOVED: A Benefit Garage Sale

                  What:     Pre-loved: A Benefit Garage Sale
           Where:   Replay Lounge Spa Compound, 35 West                   
                           Avenue Quezon City (formerly Playroom) 
            When:    April 21-22, 2012



Interested parties who want to donate or share items to be sold during the event and/or who wants to reserve pledged items:

Please register and/or reserve your pledged item through this LINK : http://theloveyourselfproject.blogspot.com/p/pre-loved-pledges.html

For list of pledged items and corresponding prices, check the bottom part of the pledge/reservation page

*Proceeds of the Benefit Garage Sale will go to the project funds of Loveyourself Inc.