Monday, November 07, 2011

Introducing the Love Yourself Cafe

Have you at one time or another wished you had a venue to talk about love and relationships among men without having to fear being laughed at or smirked on by judgmental trolls? Gay and bisexual men also, if not very frequently, think about how we can connect intimately or romantically to another person. And because of the stigma, many go underground, looking for love in chatrooms that, more often than not, offer a quick-fix, a band-aid solution to our deep, profound desire to connect. Given this, we have little to no chance of substantiating our thoughts on questions like:
How do I find a partner?
How do I deal with my insecurities?
Is monogamy for me? Or open relationships, perhaps?
What do I do when I fall in love with a straight man?
What is the importance of sex in a partnership?
What do I do, I’m afraid of being alone in my twilight years?

Now, imagine having a cozy, casual conversation among friends about these questions — open, friendly, funny, yet substantial and enriching. This is what the Love Yourself Cafe is all about. A safe space for casual conversations, on topics that dare, with people who care, to question and share.
The first-ever cafe event is happening on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. The topic will be: Love & Relationships Among Men. It will be hosted by Migs the Manila Gay Guy and facilitated by the Fabcasters.
This is a private, by-invitation event that will happen at a discreet, secret location in Makati. If you are interested, request for an invitation via this link. Limited slots available.