Sunday, October 30, 2011

At the Black Party Manila 2011

Before the party started, a TV5 news crew interviewed us and asked this question:

"Why is The Love Yourself Project here at Black Party Manila?" 

 Good question, I thought. Bakit nga ba? 

 "We're here because the people here are the ones we want to reach out to. They are the ones who like having fun. And our message is this: Love Yourself! Some people think that to love one's self and to be safe means to be boring. We don't believe that. One can have fun, great fun, and at the same time take care of one's self. We're here to deliver that message -- but also, so we can have fun! We like having fun too! (We know the market, because we are the market!)"

* * *

We had a blast at the Black Party Manila 2011! Proof of that are these photos! 

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Enjoy everyone!