Friday, September 02, 2011

Free Confidential and Private HIV Testing on 9/11

Have you been thinking of getting tested yet all the places you know are open only during office hours on weekdays? Well, here's a schedule that's on a Sunday! It will be held in a private (not in a government clinic) and discreet location, for your own privacy and convenience.

What: HIV Confidential Counseling and Testing - it's FREE! No charge!
When: Sunday, 11 September 2011 (10am to 5pm)
Where: Playroom - 35 West Avenue, Quezon City

(The venue is inside a discreet building complex between Quezon Avenue and Del Monte Avenue. Between the restaurants 'Mister Kebab' and 'Mang Inasal'. The front of the building complex has establishments such as 'Slice n' Dice' and 'Don Esteban'.)

If you are still dilly-dallying, I suggest you think hard NOW before the free HIV RAPID Test Kits run out. When they do, it will be difficult to find a place that'll do it for free (no charge).

If you think you need someone to talk to, or accompany you through this experience of testing, you may email The Love Yourself Project -- someone is available to help!

Map here:

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