Friday, August 19, 2011

Lest We Forget The More Important Things

The flurry of activities for The Love Yourself Project especially this month of August has made all of us, officers, advisers, and volunteers run around like indefatigable energizer bunnies. All the organizational requirements (SEC, BIR, City Permits, etc.), plus two major fund-raising activities, these are all good and necessary for TLYP's start-up.

But before we dive into another busy weekend, in preparation for the group's public launch on August 23, I want to share with you something: behind the cloud of activities this month is the REAL WORK that we do.

We have been receiving numerous emails from many individuals, asking for help and assistance -- they come in the form of worried questions, requests for information about HIV and other STIs, and notably a lot, requests to be accompanied for their HIV test. We respond to them and ensure we do our best to address their HIV-related concerns. I have personally accompanied no less than 5 individuals this month alone for their HIV test, and I know other TLYP members do the same.

We have been continuing our coaching, counseling, and assistance services, specifically to those who participated in our first HIV Confidential Counseling and Testing event last July 10, 2011.

We are incidental event organizers -- as TLYP members, we are first and foremost HIV educators and counselors. We take this role to heart, and very seriously; while many people may see only the fun activities we post on our Facebook Walls, behind all these are the less fabulous but more important work that we do.

For those who would like to avail of our counseling and education services - email us at

For those who would like to join and volunteer, you are most welcome do so. Sign up here.

Thank you!

- Migs, TLYP volunteer