Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Call for Expression of Interest for Community Based Organizations to Develop One-Stop-Shop HIV-AIDS Service Delivery

LoveYourself Inc. (TLY), the Global Fund for HIV and AIDS’ Sub-Recipient for CBO Development of a One-Stop-Shop for HIV-AIDS Service Delivery, requests interested community-based organizations (CBOs) to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to serve as CBO Partner for HIV-AIDS Service Deliveryfor the FR-ACER HIV-AIDS Project, in their respective sites.Applications must include the organization’s capacity statement, previous and current work on health and HIV and AIDS programs, and relevant legal documents.

A.  Instructions  
1. Eligibility Criteria  
·      The organization must be registered under the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or have an equivalent local registration; 
·      The organization has demonstrated experience in designing and implementing HIV and AIDS programs and services for the key affected populations, particularly on the provision of CBO-led or supported HIV-AIDS Service Delivery Centers;
·      The applicant should have demonstrated the ability to set-up and operate CBO-led or supported clinics/centers providing HIV-AIDS-related services, with experience or training in CBS preferred;
·      The organization should have a track record in implementing donor-funded grants that address HIV-AIDS and key affected populations, with Global Fund experience highly preferred.
·      The organization should be recognized locally in their respective sites as an organization of or supporting HIV-AIDS key affected populations
·      Interested organizations should be able to demonstrate experience and capacity in operating and managing activities in their respective site in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao.   
2. EOI Response Format and Submission  
·      The language of EOI must be in English.
·      Applicants/Interested Parties should submit the following:
o  Completed EOI following the template provided (see Annex A)
o  Capacity Statement to include:
§  Organization’s profile
§  Brief organizational background (vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies, reach)
§  Registration status
§  Organizational structure and staffing level
§  CV’s of the Organization’s Executive Director and Finance director and/or manager
§  Detailed experience on related/similar projects
§  Current geographical coverage
§  Proof of sound financial status
§  References
o  Curriculum Vitae of key personnel for the Funding Request components (CBO President/Head and its Key Officers)
·      The EOI should be submitted by post, or personally delivered to TLY’s Office at the address above, and must also be submitted electronically. 
·      The EOI and other supporting documents MUST be received at above address by September 14, 2018, Friday, 5PM. Applications received after the stipulated date and time will be invalidated. 
3. Evaluation
·      Applications will be initially reviewed by a panel of TLY and Save the Children staff, as well as invited key stakeholders. The evaluation panel will look into the completeness of the requirements. Organizations that were not able to meet the requirements will be rejected at this stage without further consideration.
·      Qualified applicants who fulfilled the requirements will be endorsed to HIV technical Working Group for the first phase of evaluation.
·      All applications will be objectively reviewed and scored against the eligibility criteria.      
·      Shortlisted applicants will undergo onsite assessment using TLY’s CBO Assessment tool: The Gem of Champions model (see Annex B). 
4. Terms and Conditions 
·      EOIs and supporting documents shall be considered property of TLY and will not be returned to the applicants. In submitting the EOI, the applicants will accept the decision of TLY (Global Fund HIV-AIDS Sub-Recipient) as to whether the proposal meets the requirements stated in the Call for EOI.
·      Criteria Points (Total of 100 points)
o  Organizational Capability: 30 points
§  included past and current projects on health and HIV and AIDS
o  Technical Capacity: 30 points
§  specifically track record in developing and operating CBO-led or supported clinics/HIV-AIDS Service Delivery Centers
o  Financial Management Capacity: 25 points
o  Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity: 15 points
o  TLY reserves the right to accept and reject any EOI. Interested applicants should agree and be bound by the decision of TLY.
o  Specifically, TLY reserves the right to:
§  Contact all references
§  Visit and inspect premises of the applicants’ office
§  Arrange interviews with the applicants
§  Reject any or all EOI submitted
§  Negotiate with most favorable applicants
§  Award contract to qualified organizations  
5. Deliverables of the CBOs to be engaged
·      Engagement of key staff for the CBO-led or supported HIV-AIDS service delivery centers
·      Development of operational protocols and forms for the centers
·      Procurement of goods and services for the service delivery center
·      Monthly report of accomplishments to TLY
·      Semestral report of accomplishments to TLY

Please click link for details: EOI Champion

Sealed EOIs must be addressed and sent (digitally and hard copies delivered) to:
Dr. Ronnievinn G. Pagtakhan
Executive Director
LoveYourself Inc.
Rm. 9 3rdFlr. Anglo Bldg., 715-A Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines

The reference EOI/GFATM FR-ACER HIV AIDS Philippines (indicate that you are applying for CBO Partner for HIV-AIDS Service Delivery: Date Submitted __/___/2018) must be shown on the envelope containing the Expression of Interest, Capacity Statement and with other legal documents. The EOI MUST be received at above address by September 14, 2018, Saturday, 5PM. Applications received after the stipulated date and time will be invalidated.  

Monday, September 03, 2018

#PinoyPride as Two Filipinos Join the Roster of the 2018 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World

By Bet Domingo

Two Filipinos bring pride to the Philippines as they enter the roster of this year’s JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of theWorld (JCI TOYP).

HIV advocate and educator Ronivin “Vinn” Pagtakhan, and political analyst and academician Richard Javad Heydarian are joining eight other young active global citizens as honorees of the 2018 JCI TOYP. Other honorees came from Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania, Syria, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Humanitarian-Voluntary Leadership

For his compassion for those living with HIV and dedication to empower the LGBT community, Vinn Pagtakhan has been named JCI TOYP Honoree in the category of humanitarian and voluntary leadership.

Over the past decade, cases of HIV have increased exponentially in the Philippines, one of the few countries with a rising incidence of the disease at an average of 31 diagnoses per day. The growth is attributed to the lack of knowledge on HIV prevention, care and support, which has worsened by the stigma around HIV causing many individuals to hide and avoid seeking help.

Pagtakhan started on Twitter by giving honest and accessible health advice to people asking, mostly about HIV and sexually transmitted infections. This brought Pagtakhan and six of his friends to establish the organization LoveYourself in 2011.

LoveYourself aims to open self-sustaining resource centers for the youth and LGBT communities, offering free HIV-related services such education, testing and counseling, treatment, care and support, as well as to become a model community to other community-based HIV organizations around the Philippines.

To date, Pagtakhan’s serves free HIV testing to nearly 30,000 clients yearly on its three community centers, and free HIV treatment to around 2,500 Filipinos living with HIV. The organization bridges the gaps in the HIV continuum of care by scaling up HIV testing, linking diagnosed persons with treatment and counseling, and creating a community that has led to reduced loss of life.

Moreover, Pagtakhan empowers the LGBT community and the Filipino youth to recognize their own value and self-worth, take care of their health and well-being, and in the process, join in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Political, Legal and Governmental Affairs

As a leading global expert on security issues across Asia, Richard Javad Heydarian earned a spot in this year’s JCI TOYP.

Heydarian primarily uses his communication skills - writing - for Filipinos to further understand the country’s geopolitical and national issues in an effort to influence a better socioeconomic and political thinking of the Philippine society.

Along with writing renowned publications including How Capitalism Failed the Arab World and most recently The Rise of Duterte: A Populist Revolt Against Elite Democracy, Heydarian serves as a non-partisan policy adviser and socially-engaged scholar to explore the most pressing political and socioeconomic challenges of our time.

Heydarian has written around 1000 articles and a common resource person by leading local and international media outlets.

Through these regular media engagements, Heydarian was able to inform not only Filipinos but all citizens of the world, and raise consciousness about the key challenges facing the world for a more constructive national and international dialogue, inspiring a new generation of leaders who will push boundaries to create positive and lasting change for a better Philippines and a better world.

The Junior Chamber International Ten Oustanding Young People of the World 

JCI (Junior Chamber International) honors ten outstanding young people under the age of 40 each year. These individuals exemplify the spirit of the JCI Mission and provide extraordinary service to their communities. Whether through service, innovation, determination or revolutionary thinking, these young active citizens create positive impact on a local and global level.

These ten exceptional individuals will be honored at the 2018 JCI Awards Ceremony featuring the 2018 JCI TOYP Honorees on 2 November 2018 at the 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa, India.

Junior Chamber International 

JCI is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 whose purpose is providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change around the world, uniting all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. For more information, visit:

Friday, August 24, 2018

Safe Spaces PH: Because Everybody Needs One

By Jhemarie Arca
One of the core principles of LoveYourself’s Triangle of Self-Care (TSC), emphasizes the importance of Correct and Consistent Condom use. Your sexual health and wellness is a basic right, you should never feel ashamed or worried whenever you buy these essentials. You may be aware of the free condoms provided by the government and specific clinics but these areas might be too far from home. There are time you just wish that these concerns can be answered easily, like a snap of your fingertips.
It’s time you let go of these worries away because you can now have the answer with just a click away - Safe Spaces PH!
What is Safe Spaces PH?
Safe Spaces PH is a growing initiative of LoveYourself Inc. together with partnering establishments and organizations all around the metro. The project aims to provide a series of sex positive places where you can get free condoms and lubes without the worry of being judged.
Safe Spaces in Metro Manila as of August 2018
“The government offers condoms for free not just as contraceptive, but more importantly as a protection against contracting HIV and STIs. We just have to mobilize its distribution to ensure that we really target and reach the right market or people,” LoveYourself Executive Director Ronivin G. Pagtakhan shared.
Safe Spaces PH are everywhere within and outside of Metro Manila with a total of 41 partnering establishments and counting.
These places are distinguished by the logo displayed at the establishment’s entrance.
Getting free condoms and lubes is as easy as 1,2,3: enter, look for the dispenser, and get what you need. No requirement for human interaction, drop by and leave as you please.
Safe Spaces PH is a Click Away
Safe Spaces PH is now a mobile application that you can download via Google Play Store or and App Store. This user friendly app comes with the following features:
  • Shows a detailed map of all the Safe Spaces near you
  • Contact details of the establishment you want to visit
  • Complete schedule of the establishment you want to visit
  • Status of the condom and lubricant supply
  • Comment and rating feature to evaluate your experience and suggestions.

Join the Safe Spaces PH Community
More than the free supply of condom and lube, Safe Spaces PH values the importance of security and safety. If you know an individual, group, or establishment that is interested to join the Safe Spaces PH community, you may email
Jhemarie is simple observer who learned how to weave stories before she can actually read, Jhem discovered the beauty of storytelling at an early age along with the reality of loss, death, hope, and truth of life. Realizing stories are her fuel, she blogs, writes, and immerse herself in as much human interaction as possible knowing she'll gain and exchange stories with other people along the way.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

LoveYourself "Switch"

By Tino Largado and Almzora Dzire

We at LoveYourself have always passionately striven to be a safe and affirming space, particularly for males who have sex with males (MSMs) and other members of the LGBT. Now, we are excited to launch a project that reinforces and enriches the core of who we are, this time welcoming and supporting people living with HIV (PLHIV), whether newly-diagnosed, or diagnosed for some time now, in or out of treatment. Through a project called “Switch,” we are opening our doors to PLHIVs who wish to undertake their treatment at a safe and affirming private facility of LoveYourself. Treatment services at LoveYourself, like in government-run treatment hubs, are offered free of charge.

Under “Switch,” PLHIVs enrolled will have free access to the same high quality services provided to our existing clients. Aside from our cadre of expert HIV doctors and nurses, we will also make available to new clients under “Switch” our highly-trained and experienced life coaches who will be there to regularly engage clients in non-judgmental, open, and empowering conversations. Life coaching services at LoveYourself are provided for free.

But why “Switch”?

We are rolling out project “Switch” to provide more PLHIVs easy access to high quality treatment and support, in a private and community-run facility. We believe that by opening our treatment services to more people, we can further our desire to be that safe and affirming space to the community. The LoveYourself treatment centers are accessible being just a few minutes walk from a train station, and are open on weekends to accommodate people who are busy during weekdays. For the same reason, we have also established time-efficient express services for antiretroviral drugs (ARV) dispensing.

LoveYourself is the only community organization in the Philippines that runs HIV testing and treatment facilities which are DOH-certified and Philhealth-accredited. Click here to sign up for the "Switch"
When not juggling BPO work and HIV advocacy, Tino is a self-confessed TV addict and Broadway musical fanatic. He thinks he’s an old soul, perhaps a sitcom actor in his past life, trapped in a selfie-obsessed man-boy suit.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Circle of Love 7: Seven is Never Enough

By Carlos Diego A. Rozul

Hundreds of LoveYourself volunteers reunited this August 11, 2018 at Hotel H2O to celebrate seven years of continual victories in the HIV advocacy. Since LoveYourself’s establishment in 2011, the organization has many successes to be proud of. Volunteers took time to reflect upon their collective efforts to reach the goals they set out for themselves.

I remember the day when we held our first HIV testing activity, and we weren’t even allowed by doctors from the Health Department to counsel by ourselves. They said we weren’t ready [despite the fact that we were more than prepared for it]” shared LoveYourself Executive Director, Vinn Pagtakhan

Pagtakhan kicked off the night with a heartwarming speech once again emphasizing that the volunteers are the heart of the organization. Amidst the harsh rainfall, Pagtakhan raised the spirits of his one thousand stronghold of volunteers to rally on towards normalization of HIV testing and living with HIV. This event is meant to revitalize the morale of the volunteers by taking a break from operational concerns for one night.

The highlight of the night was the Miss. LoveYourself Pageant where select volunteers from each batch went head to head in a battle of wit and beauty for the coveted title. Inspired by the Miss International, Miss World, and Miss Universe pageants that many follow, the top three finalists were awarded custom crowns made by The Improvised Crowns that mirrored the iconic styles of each pageant circuit.

Special guests graced the halls as judges for the pageant. Ms. Vanessa Singson, Mr. John Herrera, Mr. Don Cristobal, Dr. Lloyd Brendan Norella, and Ms. Ana Ramsey were the esteemed panel of judges that determined the ultimate Ms. LoveYourself Universe 2018 queens.

Indeed the night showered everyone with love with some volunteers even sharing amazing performances during the intermission times. The fighting spirit lives on for years to come.

Circle of Love 7 is presented by Save the Children, Victoria Court, Okamoto, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, DSTNQT Quality Trends Co., Adult Toys Store, BAICAPTURE, Bliss Four, La Jenunesse Aesthetics and Lifestyle Center, The Improvised Crowns, iSkin Aesthetics, Mama Sita’s, Belo Men, Slenda, Metro Juan, Nectar, Jungle Circuit Party, Vita Coco, Hoja de Laurel, Phibrows Manila by Ms. Rowena Pino, KH Aesthetics by Mr. Kristian Haden, Amistad Spa, MP School of Make Up Artistry, Cazuela Spanish Colonial Cuisine, DC Fashion Studio, and the Office of the Vice Mayor of Mandaluyong.
Carlos Diego is an HIV counselor and the Head of Editorial for LoveYourself. Outside of volunteering, he is a clinical audiology student and a registered psychometrician. He aims to facilitate a deeper meaning to health by discussing the importance of aural, sexual, and mental health.